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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Top 5 CNY's Frequent Ask Questions!

This comic had been illustrated by other comic bloggers but Imma just wanting to join the crowd so here is it! XD

Today mark the 7th day of CNY. How many FAQs you have encountered so far? =)

Top 5 CNY's FAQs of all time! 

Ok la I know they wanna find a topic to chat with you so they just pop up these general questions to you.

I personally don't really enjoy being asked. Well, some genuinely care for you so they ask, but most of the people I met just have this on mind to mind the other person's business and attempt to add salt into your wound in order to make him/herself look more better! (You get what I mean?) Questions like "What are you working as??" "What work is that??" "You study this but work that??" "Got boyfriend or not??" "Why are you so picky one??" "There are NO good guys in this world already la!" literally drives me crazy! I rest my case.

(By this you probably get an idea which questions I get to ask most of the time!)

When I was young, I used to looking forward to balik kampung, on every single CNY so much! I remember I would ask permission from my parents whether I can follow my uncles so that I can have one more extra day to stay at Kampung. (We always arrive at the kampung the last, and one of the fastest to leave lol) Just because as a kid, all we parents worried about is whether you did well at school! I just need to fulfill my duty as kid back then: being a nice kid, respect the elderlys (call them the moment I meet them), play with the cousies and receive more angpaos! XD

But now I've to drag my whole parts of body, find a 100000000++++ reasons why to go back, to follow my Dad back, thinking and plotting on what kind of answers I should give when le relatives ask me.

Let aside, I still enjoy the fellow shipping time with them. After all, they are still our relatives that we ought to care bit, right?

By the way, the above comic doesn't illustrate my current life entirely. It's just a general concept based on my fruitful research. I am still Single and erm... well, you know lol.

PS: My friend said this should apply to ALL kinds of festival in Malaysia, which I find it very true LOL. 

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