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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Goat Luck Year!

Happy Chinese New year!!

Hellu everybody, I'm beckkk in PJ!!

Sorry I've been busy with CNY stuff, that I didn't manage to create this piece of artwork just in time. Pardon for my lazyness lateness! ^^"

Actually I'm not sure what I am busy for, just knowing that I've to help mom some house cores, play with the cuzzies who rampas my phone most of the time, chatting with the relatives back at Dad's kampung. And also do what every chinese will do on CNY - eat and ZZZ lol. 

Another reason is I didn't bring along PC with me. 

Anyway, some updates on my CNY!

This year I had a little bit different of CNY. I honestly believe the suayness brought from the horse year has not given up on me till its last day of service: we have no water, no electricity in my Grandma's house just right before the 1st day of CNY. O__O||| Thankfully, everything went well during the 1st day of CNY - got water, got electricity, WIFI in my Dad's kampung house works well and most importantly, FOOD!!! We are able to carry out the usual CNY activities. Thanks to my relatives, I had much fun in welcoming the Goat Year. (As you can see from my instagram XD)

There is nothing much happening on the 2nd day of CNY. Initially plan to go down to Ipoh / Sitiawan / Penang with le family but it was cancelled due to the sky-rocket transport fare. Since most of my friends weren't back here yet, maybe I just sleep at home for these two whole days? XD

Or update some outdated blogpost like what am I doing now?

But still, so far so good the Goat Year that has been treated me very well. Hopefully it will continue to the rest of my Goat Year! I've got a feeling that it'll be a good Goat Year for me! ^^

That's all for my Goat post! Before signing off, here I'd like to wish everybody:

Translate: Good Luck comes to your way!

Translate: Everyday is a Happy day!

Translate: Money money come!

Translate: Lot's of blessing!
(Pardon for Hippo's shock-ness face! XD)

Happy Goat Luck Year!!

and Angpao mari please!!!

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