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Monday, 12 January 2015


I saw this from Demi Lovato's instagram, and thought that it looks cool. So I made one for myself lol!

For me, I choose health and happiness to colour my 2015. The reason is very simple - I didn't manage to achieve these two over last year. I always thought I've acquaint both of these for my entire life. My body is so healthy that I don't fell sick easily. I've surrounded by people that I loved and got what I needed at least. However, the last year and last last year, it just prove me wrong.

This year, with great determination & motivation, I am determine to get it back! Even if I fail half way, at least I've this blog post to prove that I made such resolution, so you guys can slap me if I attempt to give up!

With Goals, of course must come with action:

1) Health
- Jogging every day (30 minutes at least)
- Eat Clean (Well, I try la hor. Very hard to achieve this especially if you want to maintain a food blog +_+)
- Sleep early (Not gonna be an owl anymoreeee *Determine*)
- Watch my food diet (I was being told to keep a food diary, how about that? :D)

2) Happiness
- Think about what I've have, the people that love & care about me (The highest motivation for me to move on! ^^)
- Create my own "Happiness Project" (Something like #100HappyDays? Coming soon coming soon)
- Hobbiessss (Drawing, Blogging, Food Hunting, Gossiping etc)
- Do what makes you happy! (Make sure I don't do it too over)
- Come back to God more (Only God can give me the Joy)

So, what is your #color2015? =)

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