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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Some Christmas DIYs

Helu ABody, AI 'M BECKKK!!!

Finally I am done with all the things I'm suppose to do before Christmas!! Except work lol. Now Imma gonna celebrate it with a very much relaxing mode! The taste after pouring out endless of hard-work effort is definitely sweet! ;)

Today no comic, I'd like to share some Christmas DIYs I made for this year, just to keep my blog from dying away again. With the unexpected increasing cost we're gonna face for the next coming years, DIY has become our new best friend!

I think Christmas is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity. There are so many DIY ideas that could be found in the internet and believe me, it's so much fun to put it alive on your own! Doing it with your friends will be an additional bonus!

With being through much knife cuttings / sweats / juicy brain drained away / stress, BEHOLD! My proud products of DIYs I've copy from the internet created for Christmas:

1) Christmas Flower

Print out from the internet and you got yourselves the Christmas flower, with glue and scissor!
Not too sure what does this call btw. Anyone knows about this?  

2) Ornaments

Joining every pieces together and TADA!! A Santa Clause face.
Okay lah this one is rather a CheatWay DIY that I got the whole package for free lol.  

3) Christmas gift

A great idea,

Which lead me to this!
My friend said this is like kenduri -_-

A small gift I made for my friends few years ago.

4) Christmas Decos

No fireplace? Never mindddd! Made out of 5 boxes with colour papers and you've got it!

All you need is disposable plate, snowflake shape, pen, knife and snowflake spray and VIOLA!

It's up to you whether you want to have it laminate - Le Anfieldyee's version of Christmas reminder :)

5) Christmas Wrapping

Let me show you how grease and colour paper could end up as a wrapping paper - 
Wrapping up as Santarina! 

Santarina with Santa ^^

Last but not least....

6) Christmas Tree

Found a mini Christmas tree at my house, made by my sister years ago lol!

That's all I've been doing so far! I thought of wanting to do the Christmas Wreath but sadly the time is running out. (No nice lo do Christmas thing after Christmas) I just saw one of it in the internet and I'm dying to try it out!

I never feel so joyful doing all these DIYs. Definitely happy for the things I did :) Looks like I've to target more for CNY! *evil smile*

Maybe you don't have the time to make gifts. Check out my post about custom gifts for your loved ones here.

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