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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


It's year end today!

Let's recap what had happened this year:

I still remember reading the news that morning (28 December 2014) with utter shock and surprise. No words can describe how I feel upon this news. Just like many of us feared: when there is second time, there'll be a third time. Why third? Why must not be first, second, or fourth?

Although this incident does not happen inside Malaysia's airspace, AirAsia is founded and operated by Malaysia. So erm... you can say that, this year's Malaysia Aviation industry is very SUAY!

Just we'd experience two major lost - MH370MH17 (some more it's huge number of lost), Haze, international old price dropped, RM dropped, floods at Pantai Timur, list goes on and now, THIS?!?!?! Man....what really, EXACTLY happen to my country?!?!?!

I can't believe I'll be saying this another time..

It's surreal to know this news. Just I've had a chat with my friends about how SUAY our country can be just yesterday. That morning at my Church, we did mention abit about only God knows where is MH370. I came back from Church -> receive watsapp message from my colleague -> disbelief upon what she shared to me -> thought that this is just another prank link circulate in the internet -> scroll to AirAsia's twitter -> STILL disbelief even though it's supported with BBC's official website link.

Anyway, I told this to my parents and sister. All of them also disbelief until they are convinced after watching the news from TV. Looks like I am not only the awkward one who disbelieve upon BBC's website news at the first place.

My heart definitely bleeds for those family and relatives who are involved.

No words can express how sorry I am to those relatives involved. They must have been going through awful painful time right now. To waited anxiously for their return but hopes dashed away at the end.

Pray for them that they will overcome this tragedy with strong heart. Stay strong, the families involved! Our prayers are with you!

It's been a catastrophic year for Malaysia. May God bless Malaysia in 2015. 

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