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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dear October, please be Good to me!

Harlo!! It's been a while I have sorta, maybe, little bit abandon this site for a while! #blametheworkload

Did promise to blog at least once a week if I'm too busy, guess my time management skills is still not efficient enough! *SOBZ*

However, it has been an interesting September, in spiritual way (actually August also got take part la, but I feel moreeeee in September). I've learned to trust more in God and not lead by my own understanding, to take a step of faith if I want to see God's work on my life.
October may not be a special month to me (so you can count me out for chasing those Octoberfest's beer cup collection with you guys! XD), but I am looking forward to what He had got on me. To take a step of faith is never easy, but it's rewarding and worthy.

Just like the Planetshakers' new album title: "This Is Our Time!"

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