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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Boat Noodle @ Jaya One

So ended up got myself siting boat noodle twice in a week LOL.

As much blog post / facebook I've read online, I'm thankful that I choose to enjoy my boat noodle at Jaya One: Same Price, Same Taste and LESS time to queue!! I do not need to wait like a mad woman desperately wanting to taste this "what's so famous that got everyone crazy for" long enough.

You know, a hungry human keeps a cravingness away.

In conclusion: To avoid your cravingness ruin your day, drop by at Jaya One =)
But you have to find a parking at your own sweet time.

My first visits to Boat Noodle was introduced by a friend of mine;
but I suggest to dine in at Jaya One (clever hor?)

boat noodles jaya one
According to her, boat noodle is originally from Thailand, where the customeres ate the noodles on the boat. That's where the name Boat Noodle came from. 

Hmm, why didn't I figure out this concept earlier?

Pardon me Miss, I actually wanted to take that signboard.
(As you can see, it wasn't that pack. Prove 1)

The counter

Le cup brings back many fond memories! Oh, and Oishi Green Tea is NAISEEEEE!

Behold, the boat noodle!
RM 1.90 for one plate, available in beef and chicken flavour with two different type of rice noodle.
You can order as many plates as you like.

I kinda got confuse what's the different type of the rice noodle they serves here so I shall skip this part. Feel free to ask Mr Google if you want to know more about it. =)


(Don't know how to pronounce but it means: Let's Eat!!!)

No doubt about it, the noodles are as nice as what's shown in the picture. #selfpraise It's juicy and chewy. I love their meatball!

thai boat noodles
Just because we have two of us, we decided that 5 is enough =)

What is this?

TADA~ Thai Pandan Dessert: Ka-nam Tuay (RM 1 for 1, so cheap and delicious!!)

 Let's not forget, the crispy chicken that I've no regret for ordering it. The portion maybe small but it's the BESTEST chicken I've ever tasted in *count count count* months!! Trust me, you won't regret paying RM 4.90 for it! =)

Erm... our proud result. LOL

It's the signature way to stack the plate as high as you can after you had your food. 

The second time is with my colleague (after their countless time of harassment requesting me to take them):

Guess how many we are?

Our proud result aka my second proud result!

To all coffee lover outside there:
This Kaffe Yen is a very good Thai coffee. Do try! RM 6.90 for one!

Anfieldyee's Rate
Food - Not too bad! Crispy Chicken and Ka-nam Tuay were the highlights but the noodles are equally nice too!
Ambiance - Probably you will find it hard to get a place if you dine in at the peak hour, not to mention the messy stuff left over on the table, but friendly staff!
Price - Order 10 bowls and pay for RM 10.90 is an acceptable price. For me, 4 bowls + crispy chicken is more than enough.

Judging from the current boat noodle wave & its delicious level, I foreseen that I will ever come back here again in the future.

Boat Noodle @ Jaya One

100-P2.033, The School, Jaya One, 
No.72A, Jalan Universiti, 
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor 
Business Hour: 10am - 10pm Everyday

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