Little Things in Malaysia - Week 2 - You'll Never Wander Alone


Saturday, 16 August 2014

Little Things in Malaysia - Week 2

Hello Hello!! so fast it's week 2 already!

Didn't manage to update any stuff right here in this past week, as I've some stuff to attain to. Thank God I am still hanging on to complete another week of my "Little Things in Malaysia" project.

Despite I've to squeeze out all the brain juice I've got.

So, here's my week 2's summary:

Perhaps some countries do practice this, so does Malaysia. (Only some places lah)

Which is why sampahs are everywhere~

Which is also why Malaysians do not trust the signboard very much! know what people say: Better late than never!

No matter how hard to open it up and how it labelled as "gasoline" smell!

So don't waste an hour of yours on Public Transport next time! :)

Ok lah... at least we must thank God for that we still have internet access here, right?!

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