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Saturday, 19 July 2014


Absolutely gutted when first saw this headlines. I couldn't believe what's written in front of my eyes.

Just we'd experienced the lost of MH 370 four months ago, and yet to get over it, and now THIS?!? Man...what had happened to my country?

And I thought that we should be famous for foods, natures... Now we are famous because of air planes.

I feel for the family members that involved (I tear when the moment CNN broadcast about the interview with the victim's family). It's total 298 souls were lost that you are talking about. Aboard with full of hopes, but crashed with just one single missile.

There's not much we can do right now, the victims are in the better place. But we can join together by praying for the victim's family members. May the perpetrators be soon brought to justice, may the families be comfort at this period of grieving, may the 298 souls rest in peace. RIP, MH17! 

Dear Heavenly Father, 

We humbly pray for the family and friends of passengers who tragically lost their lives aboard Malaysia Airlines MH17. Please comfort them in the time of immense grieft and confusion. 


(Quote from I am A Child of God)

I really hope the nations could find out who shoot down the plane. Dear Lord, please help them. Please stop the blaming game! This is too much for those 298 souls who died innocently.

I've my blog be black for time being, to pay the respect for those affected family and friends.

I'd prefer if MH370 was found at Ukraine (minus the shot down), not the MH17 shooting down.

PS: What I am extremely mad about is some bunch of type warriors out there claimed that MH17 should not take that route. This will not be happened if they re-route it. Ooooooooo needed I remind you that SIAIndia Airlines (and many more) also took that route at the same time?

If you have nothing better to say, why don't you just SHADDAP and pray for the victim's family members instead? They have been suffering so much and need your prayers, not your zero-prove judgement!

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