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Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Prediction for World Cup Quarter Finals!

Or I shall name myself: "Pauline the Octopus"! 

Actually it's not very hard to predict who will win la. All you need is to constantly watching football games! ;)

You know that there's this game prediction organized by LINE Malaysia and Astro? Well, I didn't take part for the Astro's one (because my phone could not take in anymore apps) but I do play for LINE Malaysia, because it always ring the loudest whenever there's this prediction comes in. How not to notice??

And you know something? I predicted them all correctly! So far.

I know it could be by luck, because they didn't ask me to predict Italy vs Costa Rica and Italy vs Uruguay, which 80% of it I will vote for Italy. But hey, no one is 100 % perfect! Even Paul the Octopus made two mistakes out of his 13 predictions. So you can say, I am quite reliable and trustable predictor lol!

I think I should go to become football analyst, or football reporter some sort of thing.

In order to contribute back to my fellow readers here, who have been played an important role supporting me faithfully to continue to draw and blog, behold my prediction for this year's World Cup Quarter Finals!

Take my word, I've made prediction and predicted all correctly SO FAR. In the other words, you can trust on my prediction! :D Feel free to quote me if my predictions this time do you a BIGGG favor! And of course, this is my gift for you. I'm not going to ask anything back from you! ;)

Anfieldyee's Pick: Germany. Because Germany always die at Semi Finals or Finals!

Anfieldyee's Pick: Brazil. You are playing at the ground of Brazil yo!

Anfieldyee's Pick: Argentina. Lionel Messi!! Don't cry for me Argentina~~

Anfieldyee's Pick: Netherland. Haih I am rooting for Costa Rica leh! (This is the only prediction I wouldn't mind getting wrong lol)

So, am I helpful enough to receive some Mu$$els? :D

Pauline The Octopus here.

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