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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Days of Dressing (Week 5)

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Day 26 (29/06/2014)

It's been a while I have not had a chance to release the female side of mine: SHOPPING!!

Being confined in the house for a month, and still not stabilize enough to be out of my house at this moment, finally I get permission to shop today with my family!! :D :D

The nicest part is: they have SALES everywhere! Oh MI GOSH Pull & Bear is having sales up to 50% discount!! H&M has this gorgeous new neon cloths collection!!! Cotton On has this prettiest shorts I simply MUST have it!!!! *On Gila Mode*

Day 27 (30/06/2014)

Even though I've made a good progression, my mom is more worried about my wound than I do.

Actually I don't know what should I do to convince her that everything is going to be fine. I myself also not sure when my wound will be completely healed. From the thought that it will take up to two weeks to get over it, to right now it takes more than a month to let it heal slowly. It drives me crazy.

Like people said: The deeper the wound, the longer it takes time to heal. So guys (or girls), never do something wrong at the back of  your behalf!

The only thing I can do is to take good care myself. Make sure my head does not expose to any hazardous environment, still pantang-ing my favourite chicken so that I can reach to my completely-speedy-healness level!

Sorry Mom, I got you worried so much.

Day 28 (01/07/2014)

The kind of reaction the emergency department staff gave me, when I told him I am coming here for dressing ONLY.

I got the clinic time mess up, so I ended up doing my dressing at the emergency department. Buay paiseh walking in to ask for doing dressing at this DO or DIE place.

Day 29 (02/07/2014)

People said that the hospital food sucks big time, I concur the idea. Even the muffin I bought at cafeteria sucks to the max. I am like swallowing a big chunk of sweet in a form of stone.

I wonder how the staff survive working here...

Day 30 (03/07/2014)

Max suay today!!

First, I got my car broke down at the middle of high way. Second, I am on my way to the hospital. Third, it was hot-hallelujah day! =(

So, I am forced to abandon my faithful car, called my father & the worshop guy to toll my car right away (in case the traffic police wants to saman my car). Thankfully my dad is nearby so that he can fetch me to the hospital, or I would probably ended up walking to the hospital under such deserted hot place. I can't imagine that!

However, I would have to take taxi back to the office, which I paid for RM 20 bill for the taxi service. *Money flying away from me icon*

Day 31 (04/07/2014)

Thanks to my healing practice I've adopted, my bangsai habit is getting better and better! I often have a smooth and zero constipation in this past month! :DD

This is the only benefit I get from my Days of Dressing LOL.

Day 32 (05/07/2014)

So I drag my sister to accompany me for dressing today, to get known my latest wound condition, despite her busy schedule.

It turns up that I'm making a good progression: the flesh is growing up and it's about to cover the wound!

In the other words, it's about time where the skin tissue takes place.

I am on the road to recoveryyyyyyy!!!

(To Be Continue...)

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