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Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Dad is an Arsenal Fans!

Actually I suppose to post this last month. I guess I've just forgotten about it. (ops)

I remember when I started to support Liverpool back then, Arsenal was a Champ! I recall that there was this one particular season where they did not lose to ANY single team in the EPL. The team was unstoppable! I even remember that it was the Arsenal fans which got Jamie Carragher sent off due to he threw back the coins towards the Arsenal fans LOL.

Right now people were saying that Arsenal is starting to lose their supports, but I doubt so. My dad is one of the example. Even though he rarely catch on football these days, in my memories, I know that he supports Arsenal, secretly. Maybe not that fanatic, but 10 years of support is not a joke!

(Face it Dad! It wasn't that easy to brainwash a person to switch their support to other teams!)

The reason I wrote this post, which is not even related to World Cup, simply because today is Father's Day! Since Arsenal is the ONLY strong team (Man City step aside!) who won a Cup this season, so I have to scarifies a little corner of my blog to write good things about Arsenal, to keep my Dad happy if he happens to read my blog. Despite you've failed to brainwash us to support Arsenal, we know and really appreciate your hard work behind to build up this household.

Especially in this past two weeks, he had been tirelessly fetching me to the hospital to do my daily dressing. I may do it myself alone but he did it without any further complains. For some reason, I do feel appreciated but at the same time feel sorry for troubling him.

To the only man I love very dearly, from the bottom of my heart:

~* Happy Father's Day!! *~

I wish you for a strong health in the many, many, many years ahead! Hopefully I am able to earn more cash to bring you and the family out for vacation soon!

By the way,

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