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Friday, 27 June 2014

Days of Dressing (Week 3)


Days of Dressing (Week 1)
Days of Dressing (Week 2) 

Day 12 (15/06/2014)

Daily dressing continues even at the weekends! Looks like my current second home will be the hospital LOL!

It seems that hospital also encounter a fever which is just started not long ago: World Cup Fever!

Most of the TVs in the hospital are showing the latest football match. Not bad eh, FIFA?

Time flies and now it's my two weeks that I've been in such situation. Tomorrow I'll have my doctor appointment for my wound. Fingers cross that I will get all the answers I want this time!

Day 13 (16/06/2014)

Today I am having an appointment with my main doctor, who just came back from I-have-no-idea-where-he-was-in-this-two-weeks-time! I am more interested to know what's his reaction when he saw my wound, rather than wanting to know why did it happen!

It was a (very) busy morning at the hospital! Instead of quoting our famous Monday Blues, I think Monday Reds more applicable right here lol! 

The doctor finally saw my wound. And, with calm reaction after looking it. Yea I do heard that doctor always very calm one but still...!

Anyway, according to the doctor, I am facing tension environment: maybe I overdid it, which cause the wound open. But he assures me that everything will be fine and the would will heal by itself, as it's very clean at the moment and he thinks nothing to be concerned about it. Just that I need to continue my daily dressing for another 2 weeks.

So folks, the story doesn't end here!

Day 14 (17/06/2014)

There's a saying, that when a person fall sick physically, his/her mentally will get affected. Patients tend to think a lot of unnecessary thoughts during their sick period.

I concur the theory.

No matter how beautiful in the outside, nothing is enough to brighten up my mood today. Not even my beloved Doraemon!

Day 15 (18/06/2014)

It's sizzling hot in Malaysia for these past few weeks! Not even having two aircons can save me from El-Ninos~!

In order to recover fast, I'm practicing my family-created pantang rules (things that I am prohibits to do and eat). Instead of got a chance to pamper myself with a nice, cold drinks, I ended up observing my family eating ice-kacang, with hot milo in my hand to drink! This is because avoiding cold drinks is one of my family's pantang rules!

*SOBZ* Already so hot outside but still cannot take cold drink. Only Mr Rain can save me from this disaster!

Day 16 (19/06/2014)

It's been a while... I never know how much I miss having you!

The taste, your tenderness, every little things I get from you is my source of happiness: My Char Siew Wan Tan Mee!

PS: Finally I can take *slightly luxurious* food, after being stuffed with Porridge and Fish for the last two weeks!

Day 17 (20/06/2014)

While everyone is sort of, congratulating me, that my wound is starting to feel super itchy;


Anyways, by God's grace I manage to overcome such desire. Hallelujah! =)

Day 18 (21/06/2014)

I wonder who has actually got the mood to go apply a credit card in the hospital...
Why can't the hospital come out with some "Play and Win RMXXXX" booths? At least it will lifted up the moody atmosphere right here.

(To Be Continue...)

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