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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Days of Dressing (Week 1)

*These are my daily doodles I've posted on my Instagram (or sometimes Dayre)*

The Beginning (02/06/2014)

It was exactly 14 days after I did my minor operation: the stitch has been removed and I'm back to my normal hair washing + lifestyle. On this very day early in the morning, I woke up shievering. My back head was sweating, as if some liquid kind of things flew out from my surgery wound. Having viral fever was the one that came across my mind (as I develop that kind of syndrome just last week). Immediately, I woke my family up and they decided to take me to the nearest clinic, which operates 24 hours a day to seek for medication.

The doctor think my fever was nothing to do with my wound, because my wound looks perfectly ok. He told me that it's a viral fever and gave me MC to rest at home, along with some medicines. Right after I consume all the medicines, I went up sleeping the whole day until evening.

I've no mood to eat and drink. All I feel is drowsy and lack of energy. My mom got check up my back head and discovered that my wound got open 1 cm apart, with the liquids keep flowing out from my wound. Without thinking any longer, they decided to drive me to the emergency department of the hospital, where I did my operation there.

In the emergency department, my fever went higher than this morning. The doctor thinks that the fever could be caused by the open wound. However, she advices me to check up with the doctor who did the surgery tomorrow morning. Since that doctor was on leave, I left no choice but to seek other doctor's opinion, as open wound is serious case. The only thing that they could do right now is to clean my wound.

But I was not admitted, thankfully. After cleaning the wound, I went back home and rest.

Day 1 (04/06/2014)

I went to the hospital early in the morning, to seek my secondary doctor's opinion. Although he's busy, he's nice enough to spare some of his time to see my wound. To his amaze, the wound is very big! Immediately, he gave me 2 weeks of MC until the day where my main doctor came back. He ordered me not to go outside and stay at home as much as I can, as he worried that the wound will get infected. He also instructed me to come to the hospital for daily dressing.

Hence, the start of my daily dressing journey!

However, I wasn't able to know how big my wound is, and couldn't understand what is the big fuss of having me on MC for 2 weeks? All I know is that I'm gonna spent some money for the next 2 weeks to clean my wound. Hoo boy! =(

Day 2 (05/06/2014)

Second day of wound cleaning!

The nurse who was in charge of cleaning my wound keep telling  me that the cleaning will cause a little painful. Her words scares me, however, it turns up that the dressings was smooth and fast! I don't feel any pain at all (Whew).

My dad, who saw my wound for the first time was shocked by how big the wound is. He told my mom later on. Both of them look downcast. Like the usual saying: a sickness can cause sorrows in the family.

How big my wound is? Why everyone is making such a fuss on it? I thought it's just open 1 cm?

Day 3 (06/06/2014)

Today is the 3rd day of my dressing days. Finally I manage to see my wound, thanks to my sister who manage to snap one picture of it.

Now is all clear: why the doctor gave me 2 weeks of MC, I've to stay at home, my parents were worried and prohibits this and that. The wound is HUGE: it is entirely open!! (10 cm, in case you wonder). And it's ugly!

Thank God the wound is just behind my head. I would have my hair to cover it up when it has recovered. 

The wound hasn't had any sign of progression. The tissue hasn't grow, it looks bare and UGLY. You can still see what is inside the wound.

I was in total devastated. When my wound will be healed? How does this happen? It was so good last week and why is it open? How long shall I have to go through this?

It's going to be a looong long journey..

PS: The good news is I am recovering from fever! After talking to my boss, they allow me to work from home for time being. 

Day 4 (07/06/2014)

It's public holiday in Malaysia! While the Malaysians enjoy their shopping trip at this beautiful saturday, I would have to spend my rest of the day at home. :(

My churchmates came over to visit me today. They brought some fruits as my speedy recovery therapy. I am thankful for their heart & willingness to drop by, listen to my struggles. Before they leave, they offer to pray for me and assures me that everything will gonna be OK!

No wonder people say: a visitation a day, warms your heart a way! LOL.

So much so for my week 1. More to come!

(To Be Continue...)

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  1. May you be well and free of suffering. Amitabha. With lots of metta


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