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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Curse of the Year

As I mentioned earlier on, this is a curse! (jk jk)

I find it this year's World Cup are hard to predict. The one that we predicts will win but lost the game at the end! (Like that you better don't waste your money for betting, save your 9 lives first!) The most shocking part is that Italy and Spain were both eliminated, not even at knockout stage! I thought Italy can go through, since they were so amazing at the beginning.

Maybe Queen Elizabeth decided to punish this Italy team, mentally! Since you request for her kiss at the beginning eh?

This year is sure a SUAY year for many. You see, the MH370 case, Korea's ferry sinking case, Haze's case (if you are in Malaysia), no water case (also if you are in Malaysia), Liverpool slipped and unable to take the EPL cup, and now this?!?!

Really you never walk alone... LOL!

Since there are total 4 strong teams (5 if you want to include Russia) have been eliminated at such early stage, I reckon whoever wins this year's World Cup must be very lucky!

May the best team wins!

Save your cheer, dear Manuline! Perhaps you should look after Holland because they might be the next... uh, OH! Let's watch the game tonight ---- Knockout Stage! *Quickly change the topic*


  1. That's because European countries cannot take the Brazilian heat and weather. Most the qualified teams are now from South American...


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