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Sunday, 8 June 2014

3 months already...

As I was trying to crack my head to figure what date is today, I then came to realize that it's 8th June 2014.
It's exactly 3 months since that MH370 went missing!

Despite rumors, theories, news, medias, multi-nation search missions and prayers (etc etc etc) goes around the world, nothing could be found. It has becoming the longest missing & mysterious case in the aircraft history.

I still remember when they announce the aircraft went missing, I've counted the days when are they able to find the aircraft (see whether they could beat the time frame taken to find the Air France). Back then, everyone, in Malaysia of course, was talking about this: Where it went? Have they found the aircraft? How it went missing? Literally, everyone was acting like a Detective. I was even questioned by my foreign friends about what do I think where did this aircraft go? (Like I know LOL)

Little did I know that it went missing for 3 months! How time flies.

My heart goes out to those families of passengers & crews of MH370. It must be the toughest months for them to face all these! My prayers and thoughts are with you guys.

Be strong!

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