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Friday, 2 August 2013

Little Things In Malaysia

在未来每一天的三十一天里, 安儿将会画出一系列关于马来西亚的生活小细节, 来迎接国庆日的到来!
虽然我国不怎么比上其他国家来的好, 但我觉得这些小细节是值得我们去欣赏. =)

To show my love to Malaysia, just in case I got caught up for not being patriotic enough towards my country: In conjunction to Malaysia's Independent day, Anfieldyee will post about the little things in Malaysia - anything that makes the Malaysia!

I do believe that even though we are no where good, those little things we should appreciate to. =)


  1. Thanks! ^_^ Actually each image represent each state.
    Will post about it more in the future :D


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