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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Blackout at Night

总觉得, 在马来西亚, 晚上是很容易停电的时刻. 还是因为白天我们少用电呢?

这两天家里连续晚上都没电来. TNB公司竟然跟我们说 technician第一晚上来我们地区修理后没向他们报告什么原因. zzZ

For some reason, blackout always happens at night in Malaysia. Or we don't often use much electricity at day?

These past 2 days my house encountered continuous blackout at night. Called TNB for some explanation but all they told us is that the technician who came to our area to fix the problem at day 1 didn't report what's the root caused to them. zzZ


  1. As long as the blackout doesn't cause any loss in important data. Like if you're drawing halfway and blackout... Ouch.

    But yeah, I get you. The heat sucks. Haha.

  2. Especially it causes blackout at night these 2 days! T____T


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