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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wrong Praise

At that moment I really feel wanting to hide somewhere else.

All I want to praise her that she's really pretty, but praising with the wrong ways. =X

 If you are a Malaysians, I am sure you know that Ipoh famous of pretty girls. But that doesn't mean other states of Malaysia do not have pretty girls. I just mean, generally! =)


  1. My Ipoh friends always told me that Ipoh air and water are main reasons, so it's not important where your friend was born. XD
    (But what if she just moved to Ipoh? XD)

    1. Haha that's my worry, what if she just moved to Ipoh! XD
      But yea, I heard about that too! Maybe I should moved to Ipoh! XD

  2. OH! I didn't know that!!! What about guys? Ipoh guys are especially handsome??? :P

    1. Hi Eva!! ^^ Now you know already! :P Erm.. not really, in fact, I feel that the population of Ipoh guys is lesser (or was it just my imagination?)


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