Car Accidents in Malaysia - You'll Never Wander Alone


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Car Accidents in Malaysia

Probably you may have seen the worse than I do.

Despite being labeled as "dangerous driver", I guess I've no rights to comment about how dangerous to be involved in car accidents. However, I do keep that in mind, that road is not a playground!

I know it's time for me to drive steadily.. (mumbling)


  1. i have phobia too! As i witness a Myvi flip over like turtle last time, whenever there's loud sound of brakes, i will be super nervous... ><

  2. So must drive with extra careful and extra careful

  3. Oh my... You actually saw the sandwiched car?? Damn.

  4. @Katarin, O_O!!! I will freak out if I do witness infront of me!

    @Miles Apollp, erm.. I am sort of trying to.. LOL!

    @vypur85, yes I did. Not sure the condition of the driver. ^^"


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