Singapore Trip Day 2 - 7th April 2012 - You'll Never Wander Alone


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Singapore Trip Day 2 - 7th April 2012

*Day 2 at Singapore*

Continue from my Day 1 at Singapore:

Stop 7: Off to Reagent Hotel to attend a friend of us's Wedding Lunch

I actually like that cartoon

The Singapore's MRT Map

Arrived at ION Orchard. I was staring at this Directory upon waiting for my friend.

Merchandise at Coffee Bean. I just think it's really fascinating! (This speaks the photos taken)

Arrived inside Reagent Hotel

Ipad as the clock.Why not just give it to me?

The wedding lunch

Small wedding gift for the guess

There were some photos that I didn't manage to take all of them. Partly is because I've taken those photos before during my last visit. 

Stop 8: Orchard Road

Saturday afternoon orchard road was patronized! 

H&M!! Too bad it's not available at Malaysia, yet!

Bus that takes tourism to tour around Singapore City

Inside 313 @ Somerset. I've been wanting to visit this place!

Singapore's Version of Marche

Again, I didn't take some of the photos because I've taken some of them during my last visit. 

Stop 9: East Coast Park

Since me and my friend thought of wanting to explore around, my friends' cousin took us to visit East Coast Park, where you can have beach, cycle there, swimming there, picnic there, and eat there!

This place was nearby Singapore's Changi Airport (well, not really). I did pass by this place when my colleague took me from airport.

The food court

The Beach

Having dinner there:


Is this how you took out the snail from shell? I don't know..

Some chicken is a must....

Singapore's Satay Version

Finally, CHILLI CRAB!!! Singapore's signature dish! Not sure whether this dish is the best but overall, it's not that bad! (Apart from being very spicy)


Nightview at East Coast Park:

The ship's light looks to me that there is another city in the other side

Skate on water at the night

The moon was unusually round and big!

Someone built this castle at the beach and refused to be destroyed.

Stop 10: Clarke Quay

It was suggested by my friend's cousin. He asked whether have we went to Clarke Quay before, which we answered him back a "NO". 

I actually glad that he did ask because Clarke Quay is the place that I wanting to visit. We missed visiting Clarke Quay in my previous trip due to lack of time. 

To me, Clarke Quay looks more like another version of Changka Bukit Bintang at KL, where nightlife is all about! It's just nice that we went there during night time!

Singapore version of 三轮车?

If you're lost, look for the signboard with a BIG question-mark

Liang Court just besides Clarke Quay

Boat service

Sea cucumber??? I don't know...

Hmm... where we are now?

Oh ya, we are at Clarke Quay!

Gigantic mushroom at Clarke Quay

Restaurant on the board. Heard it was expensive max!

My colleague told me to try Singapore famous for biscuit (or bread?) ice-cream. I think this is what he meant.

One side of Clark Quay's overview

Full of Caucasians here...

The famous Clarke Quay's Signature! (sorry there was an object blocking that Q letter)

This people sells Turkish Ice-cream. It was interesting to see that this ice-cream men play some trick on the customer before they gets their ice-cream. I think it was worth SGD 5 to be entertained by this ice-cream man! :)

MBS is actually facing Clarke Quay!

One of the famous activity in Clark Quay is G-Max Reverse Bungy. There was another Bungy but it was not  operated except this one on that day.

Customer to seat inside

Ready to go!

Up up high on the top!

Unleash the rope! 


(I think it feels horrible to ride on it..)

Forbidden city?? Haha..

That's all for my summary of Day 2 at Singapore. Until the next post!

To Be Continue...

Day 3 here!


  1. OMG SO JEALOUS!!! Haih. I knew you guys wouldn't want to try the G-max Reverse Bungy. Looks so fun ok? Maybe Mabel might consent to sit with me. Hahaha. Btw, there is NO H&M in Malaysia AT ALL. Haih!!! And in Australia too!!! H&M FASTER OPEN IN AUSTRALIA AND MALAYSIA!!!

    1. We need to wait long to ride for that G-max reverse bungy. So we thought...nah! We just stand there and watch will do. Yup I know right!!! H&M's stuff are awesome!! Can't believe they do not have it at Malaysia... :(


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