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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Singapore Trip Day 1 - 6th April 2012

Here's my promising post of my trip to Singapore Day 1.

My last visit to Singapore was 31 December 2011.

Singapore here I come!

Day 1 at Singapore is about exploring, thanks to my friend's cousin who took the both of us exploring Singapore around effortlessly! Due to the day we visit Singapore was fall on Easter day, it was a relaxing Singapore. You can see everywhere was full of people, with family, with friends, all kinds of people around. It's as if they were not affected by the raining season.

It took us 30 minutes to arrive at Singapore, 30 minutes earlier than it used to be! Later on, with the help of my Singaporean Colleagues, we are able to find the hotel there. Thank you friend!! ^_^

Stop 1: First Round Brunch @ Kantong Road

This was introduced by my Singaporean colleague:

Famous Laksa in Singapore

It taste better with otak-otak in it!

I must say that this laksa had reach my expectation! If this was considered a breakfast, it was really luxurious breakfast!

Stop 2: Second Round Brunch at ION Orchard

Meeting up my friend's cousin:

Underwater view of ION Orchard

The longest escalator I've ever seen

Food Opera at ION Orchard

Singapore Version of Chicken Rice

Singapore version of Or-jian

Mak Cik: "Mari2, who wants to buy drink?"

Many types of vegies

Colourful muffins

Singapore version of Daiso!!

I must say that Singaporean has this tendency of making us fat! I've 2 rounds of brunch, trying drinks and eating durians thanks to their awesome hospitality! I can't imagine myself how much calories I've invest in my body at my first day.

Stop 3: Bugis Street

Busy choosing the best purse

Captain Sparrow in the town!

An apple juice that looks like a watermelon juice

So cute la this iphone case!

Bugis street is just like an indoor pasar malam. They sell cheap stuff. Never knew that I can find stuff with affordable price at here! How come I never discover this place when I was in Singapore last time?

Stop 4: Geyland

My friend's cousin took us to Geyland to try the durian there.

Ok la, the taste is not so bad! But one thing I must clarify that this durian isn't from Malaysia!

Stop 5: Singapore Flyer

Visited Singapore Flyer that I always wanting to visit!

Did not manage to ride on that Flyer due to not much time we left. But we found one interesting place over there: 

It does looks like a food court, but the main concept here is to bring everyone to experience the oldies Singapore. I think the concept is creative! It's like a mini-old Singapore town.

Singapore version of Rojak. Not spicy. 

That pink sauce is actually the what we call black sauce in Malaysia.

Or-Jian round 2. This time it was more oily. 

The green house that expects to be launched at this year July. 

MBS!! I don't know why am I so excited seeing this gigantic ship

Standing in the middle of F1 place

Wonder how much does this cost here...

Night view of Singapore Flyer. It changes colour time to time. 

Stop 6: Road to Merlion, Night view of Singapore City and MBS

Night view of MBS

The Singapore City, HELLO!!

Band Performance

MBS lazer performance

The biggest durian in Singapore - Esplanade

one of the most expensive hotel in Singapore- Fullerton Hotel 

Approaching, the legendary Merlion!

Mini Merlion at the back

So this is my first day at Singapore. More to come!

To Be Continue...

Day 2 here!

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