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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Why didn't I go?

So, Liverpool FC finally visits Malaysia, a everyone-knows news.

Those who knows me know that I'm one of their fan, a HUGE fan! Hence it's not surprise if you seeing me going around everywhere just to buy the ticket, wouldn't mind spending that huge mount of money, drive down from PJ to Bukit Jalih, flying down to Pavillion to meet my idol, shouting "LIVERPOOL! LIVERPOOL!" like mad publicly! ;)

But I didn't manage to do all these things. Between 13/7 to 16/7, I was staying-at-home, or out for something.

(Of course, mostly is due to unlucky circumstances. I'm just surprise that I'm not doing anything to sort it out.) 

One of the best thing that a fan could own not just only seeing their idol wins the trophy, also able to meet their idols. That process of wouldn't mind what circumstances came by and would do ANYTHING to meet their idol, and finally their wishes come true is just.PRICELESS! I know it because all the while since 2005 till now, I wish I could meet them once, even just once! I know there will be one day, but back then it seems it doesn't have the chance. I was jealous back then when Chelsea and MU get to visit Malaysia but not Liverpool.

Now it has been 6 years, and God really fulfills his promise to bring Liverpool come to Malaysia. My little wish that took 6 years to complete. HOW GREAT IS THAT??! To know that your God fulfills your little wish even though you think HE might not bother and also, your idol that you want to meet so badly come to Malaysia!! Moreover, it's their FIRST TIME EVER!!

But this time, due to unforeseen circumstances, I choose just let it be. It's as if I'm wasting God's provide, like a daddy manage to get the present for his daughter but she refuses to accept it at the end.

I told God, that now is not the same anymore. The only person that I'm worshiping is you, no more anyone else. No matter what circumstances that cause me not being able to meet Liverpool FC's players, what comes around goes around. Just let it be.

However, this is one of the testimony that I must give thanks to God. Thanks lord, for fulfilling my wish that took around 6 years, and I really, really appreciate and feel bless for it. I really didn't expect it'll come true, despite I know they'll come one day, really!

Here are some pictures and videos that I manage to find on internet.

When they arrived at Pavillion:

The next day's news paper headline :)


Sorry it was very shaky. Forgive the owner ;p

Link to during training: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2104186079283

The day where our Harimau Malaysia going to face them:

Full Squard :)

The fans:

This really looks like at Anfield. Haha!

Awwwww.... I love Agger, too! *blush*

Haha! Nice one!


More pictures and videos could be found from here:

Suddenly I've this strong jealousy of those who are there!

What's the definition of the true fan? To be honest, I'm not quite sure. Everyone has their own definition and their own way to shows how faithful they are.

But one thing I'm very sure about is:

Whenever I am, I'll still love you Liverpool FC!

Till the end, till the time has come..

Last but not least:

Enjoy! ;)

PS: Share to me what else you've got, plueseeeeeeeeee! ^_^


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