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Monday, 2 August 2010

My Pink Crocs Shoe

People who wore crocs knows that this shoe has the higher tendency of making a person feel unbalance while walking (or was it just me?)
Moreover, the size of this shoe is big, hence it increase my chance of falling down.
Or maybe I'm too expert of making myself keep falling down (well, those who know me :| ).

Just last Sunday, I wanted to rush back. Thanks to crocs, I manage to make myself injured.
Till now, I still can't walk properly because the pain kills me.

It does makes me feel like I've went into an accident (choi~)

It seems that I need to practice how to walk properly. 
But isn't shoe suppose to make a person comfortable while walking and prevent us from injured? After all, my shoe worth RM 100++!


  1. Take care! Wishing you to recover soon.

  2. ehh, u jatuh again ar? ada masuk longkang this time?

  3. shmily, thank you! :)
    Mabel, well I updated the post already. didn't jatuh to longkang lar! ==

  4. ehh, very funny wei! why in Australia u never/seldom fall down but in Malaysia, u sentiasa fall down? LOL


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