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Monday, 23 August 2010

I can do all things through God!

" I can do everything through him who gives me strenght"

- Phillipians 4:13 -

I remember during my Australia stay, our dear LG leader Swee shares her favourite bible verse to us, which is this.
It's indeed a powerful verse because we know that though we're weak, we'll be strong and do not afraid of anything just because we've a big GOD with us.

Swee has been have this great faith, a good leader and good role model to all of us. Despite being place in a bad situation, she still continue to serve God. It's a "If Swee can do it, So can I".

And now, it's my pleasure to use this verse for Swee's birthday gift:

phillipians 4;13

You're like a soldier, fighting for God's sake. You're a leader, that leads everyone. The devils were swimming around you. However, if you notice the picture, their shapes are the same. Which means, devil is always the same. You're a God's soldier, that may not know what's God's plan behind. But because you choose to obey HIM, you're not frighten, anxious and able to lead others courageously.

Happy Birthday Swee! I hope this years' birthday surprise could be one of your unforgettable one. God bless you. =)

PS: Of course it's a memorable one! She came back to Malaysia during her birthday. Able to eat lots of Malaysia food that Australia can't find, able to play cheap bowling (XD) and most of all, she's 95% surprise upon the birthday cake. Her face is so priceless, I'm glad that I'd able to observe. XD

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