Handrawn card based on the Bible Verse - You'll Never Wander Alone


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Handrawn card based on the Bible Verse

If you have been watching this space just few months ago, I guess you've notice some artwork that I created based on the bible verse being posted up.

It all started when  my Shepherd, Jane, challenge me to utilize my gifting to bless others. And my thought right away is why not I use my artworks on their birthday? Like, making a huge birthday cards than the one they received? The one and only LOL.

And so, there are few cards being draw out lately, and I am happy that my LG members appreciate my artwork. One of them even stick on the place where everyone can see it when they enters his room. How thoughful~!!

Here are some that I've created lately:

philippians 4;6-7
For Isaac's birthday

1 Timothy 4;12-13
For Sarah's birthday

James 1;5-6
For Samm's birthday

1 peter 5;10
For Eleanor's Birthday

And this is for me LOL

To see my artwork came alive in the world, and have friends to appreciate it, is my greatest pleasure!

Thank you all, thank you God, You've just made a very happy Anfieldyee here!

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