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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Spain as World Cup 2010 champion

2 days ago I watched final, as usual.

It wasn't a nerve-racking performance, but the team that I support won! So, it was ok lar.

Nethelands fans were furious and not satisfied the way Howard Webb (refree) controls the game. There are lots of fault that he made which prevents Netherlands to win this match. The fans were treated Webb not to come to Netherlands or else he will die.

All I could say is Netherlands was abit unlucky, but Spain deserves it. That player who kicked Xabi Alonso's chest should get the red card, but Webb issued yellow card to him. I'm not entirely sure about what Netherlands was complaining about after Iniesta's goal. Maybe the only thing that you can point out is Puyol (Spain)'s challenge on Robben (Netherlands). (But it was just my opinion, you can agree on it or not because I'm a Spain fan. Obviously I would say nice thing about Spain wahahah~!)

After seeing this World Cup, I realized that God hasn't abandoned any teams all along the way. He will give the opportunity to the teams who is ready. Football is never a person's performance, but team spirit. Spain had achieved this point.

After soo many years of disappointment, God finally make Spain's dream come true to lift up the WC. I bet those faithful Spain fans finally could enjoy this glory.

 One game, Different emotions

So here you go, our brand new World Cup champion - Spain.


My mom told me about how pity Netherlands player. They deserve more than having a silver medal but well, this is football.

So time to say bye bye to South Africa 2010, and see you Brazil 2014! I never forget this years WC, especially the vuvuzela.

By the way, as I browse through the pictures, out of the many millions of celebration picture, this is my most favourite:

Because he has his Liverpool's scarf around him. TORRES~!!!!! *scream*

PS: Full pictures of every single match can be found here.


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