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Monday, 11 January 2010

My very first time countdown at rain!


This is my first time countdown-ing at rain.
It feels cool!! As a rain-lover, this rain does not only just give me the joy of counting down, but around people as well. Well, human being are made out of water, mostly, so of course we love pouring! :D

I wonder what's the sign of this rain.

If you don't mind, I hope you accept my belated ~HAPPY 2010~ to all of you here whom are reading my blog! :D

New year weeks has been good for me, except hearing the news about church attacked at Malaysia, which is not very nice. I know that religion is a sensitive topic to say. No matter to what extend that makes you cannot accept other religion, at least you have to respect them!

Pray that Christian over there will overcome all these and God will be there for them.


  1. Ye know what mate? I think I found your cartoons very expressive and in a cute manner too. Loved It =)

    Keep it up & Happy New Year mate

  2. thanks wilson! Belated Happy New Year! =)


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