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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Me and The Accounting story

Back at 2 years time, I took Accounting as my elective subject.

At that time I was too naive. I thought of able to conquer that subject very well as long as I put much work on it, but never know that I will be lost on my low confident level.

There was many times I kept blaming myself for not trying my very best to make it pass, but allow those negative thoughts controls me. I guess I deserves this 34 marks.

Being not able to success in education, plus I wouldn't say I'm a sharp, patient and smart person, I doubt that this area does not suits me. Hence, I've made a big decision about trying on other area - business.  Even though I didn't did greatly for economics and accounting, I'm very sure that I don't like business.

If you're interested in something, you probably do very well in that area isn't it? Even though accounting proves that I don't enjoy studying it, it does not get rid of my low-confident habit. Hence, my result wasn't that WOW after all. I still haven't get the breakthrough.

There are period of times I kept thinking about my accounting - what if I work hard? If I do, I do not need to ended up taking summer course here isn't it? Even though I don't think I've ever going to face accounting anymore in the future, my regret of not being able to put all my best on accounting at that time could not be forgotten. I feel like slapping myself for letting negative thoughts controlling me while I study this subject. There are many times how I wish if time could turn back, I will give all my best I can. But I know everything is too late.

2 years later, I meet accounting again!

During this summer semester I've decided to take up a subject. This subject divides into four section, and one of the section is about Financial Management. When it says financial management, it means how to manage your money that will be invested in your project. When it comes to how to manage your money, it related to business. And what kind of business talks about managing money? Accounting lo!

Just last Wednesday, I was told to complete a task about Net Present Value. Thank God who helps me by providing 2 friends whom studied accounting teach me how to do it. They even give me offer to teach me if I'm really struggling on that. Despite that, my fear on cannot handle this section very well craws on me. The memories of cannot get the balance in balance sheet, decision on whether should I put on debit or credit site and 34 marks for my accounting still fresh. They sort of understand me how do I feel, but Fann though of it's an excuses.

Just this Wednesday, I was taught how balance sheet and Profit & Loss statement operates. As I listen to what the lecturer said, I thought that: hey! Actually it's not hard what? Why I screw up in these section during my time with accounting? Suddenly this becomes my major point that I shouldn't give up and press on!

I believe this is another confident level that God gives me: I shouldn't look down on myself! It proves that the words HE gave me is true!

But funny part is, I never know that I'm going to meet accounting again in the future! Many of my coursemate didn't get the idea what accounting could fit in science area. But now my summer subject proves that it will be useful. It makes me feel that my decision on taking accounting at the first place was not wasted!

For once I fear of studying Financial Management, but when it comes of thinking that God gives me a chance to pay back my regrets two years ago, there is nothing I should fear of!  

COME ON ACCOUNTING!!! Try to fail me if you want! I will not get defeated by you, like what you did 2 years ago!

Many times I will doubt myself much. Though I may not touch in this area in the future, the impact it left in my life never be forgotten. Somehow I feel that what Jane said is right: God can transfer bad things into good! Accounting not only reminds me that I enjoy science, it gives me confident.

Praise God!


  1. 手脚好快哦~ :D 谢谢你的祝福~~~! ^_^

  2. whoaaa!! I love your spirit, sin yee!! Good luck in the subject and keep the spirit ON! :) :)


  3. Haha, it's good to know you found that accounting plays a role in Sceince as well. Wishing you all the best in your summer unit - it's not all about accounting anyway! ;)


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