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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What is Christmas?

People who are Christian surely will agree this!
Guy: Christmas got 9 letters.

*The 9 letter of C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S line up in straight line to face the audience*

Guy: There are so many words pop up by using this 9 letters, like Cash, Trash etc. Christmas needs cash to buy presents, Christmas produce trash because there surely got lots of stuff to clean up after christmas celebration.

Guy: But people often use "Xmas" for simple purpose.

*The letter of X came up and line up with M-A-S letters, formed X-M-A-S*

Guy: and you know what word went missing?

*The C-H-R-I-S-T word show up!*

This performance was performed at Knox City Garden, organized by Wantirna Christian Community, 20 December 2009.

Christmas not just only opening a present, having the joy of celebration, but a remembrance of the born of Jesus Christ, whom come to the world to saves us, and to show that God really loves us. This is what I discovered here.

My christmas day was great! Probably the most meaningful christmas I've ever had so far! Despite I've work on that day (Christmas also need to work?!), I manage to attend Christmas Celebration organized by Ian and Ivy. The best part is definitely exchanging present. Someone got USB, which I later found out it just cost AUS 15! *kicking and rolling on the floor*

Fann and Shaun got CDs, which is pretty cool, (Apart from CDs, Shaun got soap which I guess he can used for body wash XD) Jane got World Genius Record, interesting! I've got a present prepared by Ivy, which is a tree ornament that can grow! Jon See kept on saying "OMG that is SO COOL!" when he look my present. LOL!

Thank God that the weather was not hot, match to Christmas atmosphere (YAY!!). I've taken some pictures
about Christmas atmosphere at Australia. Some of them may not that creative for you but it's beautiful! =) Lastly, I know it's late but I wish you all here belated Merry Christmas!

Blue Christmas tree at one of the Japanese Restaurant

Stars in the City *blink blink*

Christmas Tree at Monash's Law library

My all-time favourite flower! A_A

I want to make a wish, too!!

The biggest Christmas Tree in the City!

Christmas Tree in Ferrero Rocher


This is the longest Toblerone I've ever seen! O_O

Lindt chocolate in tree ornament form (want to buy but it's expensive!)

Santa Claus in stone form?!

Christmas decoration around the chicken.


Awwwww, CUTE!

*More to Come*

One more day till the end of 2009! *sniff*


  1. Happy New Year 2010! All the best in the future.

  2. Forgot to pray : all the best to Liverpool too! <@> hehe...

  3. Aye, agree with the 'X'mas part... but tat was not the only thing being 'interestingly' replaced with, the whole idea of Christmas was... unique in this century. lol..

    PS: Happy New Year to ye mate. May ye hav a wonderful and blessed year ahead =)

  4. thanks, shmily and wilson! ^_^ belated merry christmas and happy new year~ :)

  5. Really nice and interesting post. I was looking for this kind of information and enjoyed reading this one.


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