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Thursday, 17 December 2009

I'm not alone!

*In SMS*

Someone: "Hello, how r u?"

Anfieldyee: "Hello :) it's a weird emotional. Part of me feels that i do not need to worry, I don't lose anything, but part of me feels pain when i recall the incident."

Someone: "I guess we r in the same boat. :) well, when we feel the weakest, we r the strongest! :) miracle happens."

Something my guts tells me that God makes me jobless is because HE wants this person not to feel very bad. At least there is someone (which is me) shares the same feeling with her.

If that's true, I won't mind losing my job anymore. After all, she deserves better.
I'm going to be ok, I hope it same goes to you, too! =)

Btw, I discovered something that when it comes to after you've tried your best but didn't turn out the result that you want, you've got this kind of mixed feeling. Who agree with me? (hands?)


  1. *guilty (raise fingers...) aye.. ye may even start cursin too, but soon ye still be crawling back in grief when needed help... hehe =p

  2. Well, I guess that's the fact of life.. Our expectation can not be always the same with the result we have.

    However, I always remember that "Things which do not make you die, will always make you stronger" :)


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