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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Keep Pushing Myself Forward

"I wanted to keep pushing myself forward, so that I could improve in any areas of my life!"

This is the words I keep telling myself not to get proud easily if I've achieve something.
Since we are ought to aim a bigger picture, why not keep pushing yourself to move forward?
Encouraging is a good thing, but if we get too offended, it won't help us improving, especially lazy people like me thinks that it's more than enough to achieve such level and don't plan to move forward.
Yes I can choose not to make myself suffer, but reality world does not allowed me to do so.

Time to face reality already, Anfieldyee!

Chinese Version

"我要不停的鞭打自己, 才能够更上一层楼!"

这句是我差不多的每一天对自己说的话. 我不想因为只是成功做出某样小东西而感到很自豪.
反正我们应该朝着更大的梦想/目标前进, 不是么?
虽然说自我鼓励没错, 但如果过于自豪, 再怎样的自我鼓励也没用. 因为感到自豪, 觉得自己做了平时自己做不出来的东西, 觉得自己已经pass某种程度了, 所以不打算前进.
我可以选择不想刁难自己, 但现实生活可不允许我这么做.



  1. your first picture is so cute!! i actually laughed out loud when i saw it. this is why you shld push yourself to draw more, don't give up on it, and maybe we'll see you somewhere on the.. manga map? ;) ;)

  2. thanks suzz! I really appreaciate what you like on my drawings! ^_^

  3. Hey sin yee i like ur drawing


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