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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

In this day 090909, I am fighting with a monster

Today is 090909,
Nothing much I can do today, because I've one more monster left for me to fight!
Can't have fun today, because this monster is too hard for me to kill!
Can't have enough sleep recently, because these monsters kill my bed time!
Spend too much money for my food, because spend too much time dealing with these monsters!

Really looking forward tomorrow comes to end, So that I can have some rest! And of course, have some time to kill the next monster and updating my bloggieeeeee....!
(I've so many things keep appearing in my mind, yet I spend most of the time fighting with this monster!)


The song that I keep listen no matter how long I've been hearing this song for so many times!

When I know how to play piano, I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY THIS SONG!

PS: The monsters I'm referring to is Assignment.


  1. loves this song!! i wrote the english lyrics to this song too :D

  2. hahaha!!! Eat the Monster, sin yee!! and I know you can fight the monster well so don't be afraid and keep fighting!! yay!! =)

  3. go for it!! play for me on my bday. hehehehehe....

  4. It's my favourite song!
    Good luck in your assignment :)

  5. Suzz, oh really? Would love to see! ^^

    Carolina, you too! JIAYOU!!!! :)

    Siao麻雀, linked. :)

    Jane, if only I can master it in a short period of time. Ahaha :P

    Ambie, thank thanks! It's my fav song, too! ^^


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