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Saturday, 15 August 2009

The day where I lost my voice

Being disappear for a while, it's time for me to show up.
You might be wondering where the heck am I taking so long to show up myself before I wrote this post. (Asking to myself)
I didn't mean to disappear, really...

Because, I was sick, AGAIN!

Yes, I was sick for the second time in Melbourne! But it is not as bad as last time, where I experienced lack of energy to do something else. The difference is I lost my voice this time for 2 days. YES! You can imagine that I'd to post all sort of funny action for that 2 days, AGAIN!

When my friends knew that I've lost my voice, all they told me is: "Then I can talk bad thing about you!!!", even for the person who has the kind look. Why??? Do I look like very easily being bully??

Thank God that I've my voice back after 2 days! Not like before, where it takes 1 week for me to recover. It seems that my immune system is getting stronger and stronger! Muahaha!

During that period of time, I've been thinking a lot, answers were kept coming out. So I guess I've myself calm down finally.

At 9 August, where I still haven't had my voice come back, I went to North Melbourne for Chocolate festival. It was invited by my friends. As a chocolate fans, obviously I'm DESPERATE to go even though I've been told not to eat chocolates~ XD

However, that does not stop me trying little piece (Yaya I can't control my temptation). I ended up eating lots of pieces of chocolate. BUT, my voice came back the next day, and it becomes better and better! It seems that it's nothing wrong to eat good quality chocolate when you're sick!

Or rather, my immune system is really very strong...XD

Here are the photos taken on that day, with my new hand phone (Finally, I've a camera hp! TwT). Enjoy:

Cool chocolate advertisement on the car

They are MINE!! ALL MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cute chocolate cat


Chocolate in white-stone form

Chocolate of the day

Design for the kids?

Another chocolate of the day

The last 5 pictures are made out of real chocolate. Believe it not!


  1. *drooooooooooooooooooooooooools at all the choc picture*

  2. yuuuuu too many chocs!!! I want I want... post to Malaysia ;p

    Get well soon dear! May you be well, healthy, and happy always =)

    Take care there!


  3. Sin Yee..
    I wondering if it's you..
    The sinyee I knew in Taylors and the one who loves Steven Gerrard very much!

    I hope I do bump into the right person and blog.
    Never know you have changed into this blog if it's you.

    See you. God bless. =)

  4. Suzz, I wonder why ppl tend to LOVEEE the picture I took. Izit that my photography skill too good or the chocolate is too attractive? XD

    Carolina, if you paid me airmail? XD
    thanks dear, I'm feeling better already. :) You too! ^^

    Pei Sze!! Yes I'm the sinyee you knew back at Taylors. How's life?? How did you come here btw? :D

  5. Oh dear~ It's really you.

    Well, I was browsing through Pauline's blog, then I saw your name over her blog list.

    Life's good. Having finals lately.

    How are you?

  6. I'm good, meet many awesome friends! :D
    ahaha, not many people know that i keep changing the blog, but now I'll stick with this at the moment. Feel free to come and drop by^^And Iwill keep visiting yours too!

    good luck in your exams yea~ :)

  7. 1.
    callisto1204 2009/08/19 00:10 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    安儿 2009/08/22 21:38 댓글주소 编辑/删除

    哈哈, 我没事情的, 不用担心 :)

    杰克蚁 2009/08/19 08:27 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    安儿 2009/08/22 21:38 댓글주소 编辑/删除

    就不要吃那么多巧克力吧! XD

    小雨点 2009/08/20 17:13 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复


    安儿 2009/08/22 21:39 댓글주소 编辑/删除

    这个嘛...看下先 XD
    我病好了, 谢谢小雨点的关心~ ^^

    awhalelife 2009/08/23 12:12 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    安儿。。我要那个猫咪巧克力。。(眼泪bling bling ing。。)

    安儿 2009/08/23 17:34 댓글주소 编辑/删除

    哈哈, 啊游你喜欢猫的对吗? ^^
    好好, 我会照顾自己的, 放心厚 :)

    ykching 2009/08/25 00:09 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    安儿 要好好照顾自己哦 >.<


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