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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Don't just wish me good luck; but don't be late for test!

What would you say when your friend is having exams soon?
All the best? GAMBATEH? Good Luck?

I used to say this to all my friends. After the stupid genetic practical test incident, it have changed my wishing style completely by not only just wishing my friends GOOD LUCK, but MAKE SURE YOU'RE NOT LATE FOR TEST!

It's not wrong to wish other people Good luck etc, I mean we need luck so that we got easier question. But in my opinion, if you prepared well, I'm sure you can handle the difficult question. Plus, I don't think the lecturers are harsh enough to set up such complicated questions within 2 - 3 hours where we need to answer so many question. :)

However, if you late for test, that's completely a different story.

Think about it, you got 1 hour to seat for exam, you get yourselves prepared for exams very well, BUT you late for exam approximately 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, whatever! You have lesser than 30 minutes to answer all the question! Not worthy what? And sometimes big test don't allow late comers to seat for exam, even though they are late for JUST 5 minutes!! (my animal diversity practical test would be like this. Scary~~~)

As the conclusion, be on time for exam is the most important thing!
Of course, it depends on certain situation.

The reason why I say so is because I've experience:

(It's very long story. You are feel free to skip through if you do not wish to heard any grandmother story)

The second practical test was held at 29 May 2009. Being not satisfied on my 1st practical test (we have 2 practical test in the semester), I've been making promise MUST get BETTER than the 1st practical test!

I study 5 days before the test, despite I've reports to do and Miniquiz to read. I make sure to myself that I must understand well in all the practicals. I even remind my friends about this test. I even make myself remember that the test was held on 9.05am at sth sth hall. I even planed on what time will I arrived at uni. My house is far from uni 20km and I need to seat train + bus to get there. All process takes 40 - 60 minutes to get the destination, depends on whether how fast the driver could be.

I couldn't afford to see another horrible marks by knowing that I could do it better!
But I never ever thought that, that day is not my day.

At the morning, I woke up without anyone alarmed me, which is pretty an unusual thing to happen. I looked at my handphone clock, the time showed is 8.05am...

"SHIT!!!!!! I'VE GOT TEST AT 9.05AM!!!"

Will all my strength, I quickly dress up etc and run through Melbourne Central station. By that time it was 8.14am. I kept scolding myself how could I possibly overslept, since I've such "important" test??
But it was just 8.14am! I remember that it's enough time to reach Huntingdale, the station which I will catch a bus that took me to my Uni. I told myself to calm down, don't be like a monkey jumped here and there.

The train took me and chase me out at Flinders Street Station. I looked at the schedule time which shown on the TV screen, my eyes wide open:

Next train ------- 8.36am, Dandenong Train
(I took Cranbourne, Pakenham or Dandenong Train to reach Huntingdale station)

At that time I was really furious, and SCARED! I've checked the schedule and it shows that there are trains passing by at 8.16am and 8.21am.

Then WTH IS MY TRAIN?????????????????????

I feel like grabbing any train staff that I could approach and shout on them "WHERE IS MY TRAIN?????????????????". But my mind prevents me from doing it. You know, it's partly my fault, too. If I woke up earlier, I wouldn't have to face such problem! Plus, it's kinda embarassing thing to do in front of so many people.

Should I take taxi? But which taxi would bring me to 20km of distance? What about bus? Bus is even slower than train! Plus it's peak hour, a possible-traffic-jam! Taking tram? Tram only operates at Zone 1. Then WHAT SHOULD I DO?????????????????????

Despite that, I tried to calm myself down and checked the schedule on 8.36am train. To my surprise, this is a Limited Express train! Which means, it will skip 3 stations. If everything went smoothly, I could reach Huntingdale station at 8.56am. The bus just takes 5 - 6 minutes to take me to Uni. If I happens to wait for bus, it's just only 5 minutes! Which means, overall I might be late for test like 5 - 10 minutes! Better than nothing huh? *relief*

But this isn't the end of the story.

"Attention Platform 7. The 8.36am Dandenong train, has been delayed, and now it's expected in 10 minutes. Calling for apologize for any inconvenient cause."

Has-been-delayed-and-now-is-expected-in-10-minutes, such words keep repeating in my mind over and over again. At that moment my heart was sink. I feel like crying but thankfully my eyes are good at controlling my tears. I kept mumbling and cursing about how horrible the train is, which people around me might think I'm such a weirdo talking to no one from nowhere.

At last, the train has finally come, but at 8.47am! Great! Now please run faster so I can still catch the exam!! Apparently the train do stop for a while at Caulfied station due to the waiting-in-front-of-the-train-to-leave reason. By the time I arrived at Huntingdale station, it was 9.11am. Great! 6 minutes GONE~! Look what have you done to me, stupid train! THANK YOU WOR! *in rude tone*

With my whole strength, I rush to the Bus Stop. I checked the schedule time for the next bus, my eyes wide open for second time:

Next Bus ----------- 9.22am

At these moment Anfieldyee is in extreme burning mode and would love to have a punching bag.

Usually bus won't let me down, due to the fact its on-time characteristic. The 900 bus will pass by the stop where I stand for approximately 10 minutes, and during the time there will be 630 bus, which also could bring me to Uni. So I seldom, or never wait for more than 10 minutes for either two of these bus to come.


I can't believe that!! Being labeled as "the most reliable transport" in Australia delays at inappropriate time!!!

Finally, the bus came at 9.22am. It took 8 minutes to reach uni. By the time I arrived at exam hall, it was 9.30am. I get to seat the exam but I need to answer quite a number of question within 25 minutes in mind-blank mode...


At the end, I didn't pass the test. Overall I got 4.3/10.
Professor was amazed by my ability to chase the train + bus in such situation and still can seat for exam. He told me that it's ok that I can get this mark but I should do it even better isn't it?
I was so pissed off, and devastated. I can't believe that I just make a small tiny mistake would lead such big difference! Being promise to myself that I MUST DO BETTER this time and put lots of effort in this test, all has been beaten by these little-overslept incident! I feel like crying.

After that, I realize how important not to be late for test. Sure, you are well prepare for your test, you've got EVERYTHING! But when mistake comes to punctuality, it will hit you to the max. Not only what you might got is mind-blank during the exam, all efforts you've put in are in waste.

So whenever friends wishes me GOOD LUCK in the exam, I will ask them to wish me NOT TO BE LATE FOR EXAM as well!
You never know what will happen in the future! You never know~~~ *touch wood*

I also take this opportunity to wish all my friends, my Malaysia's uni friends:


Also wish me the same thing, particularly don't be late for exams! O___________O|||

PS: Suddenly I feel that Dandenong is a curse word for me. :S


  1. oh dear!! sounded like a terrible, terrible day!! made my monday yesterday sounded much less worse (woke up at 11.45am when student's class was at 10.30am)

    but yes i agree, the worst thing you can do for an exam is to be late for it >___<

    all the best for your exams, and don't be late!! =DD

  2. Haha! Glad that you read my story with much patient! ^_^

    good luck and don't be late for you test too! :D

  3. i've even linked back to your post on my blog, as a warning for other people to make sure they don't repeat your experience.. thanks for the lesson! >___<

  4. Sure~ That would be my gladness~ :D
    thanks suzz ^________^

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    ykching 2009/06/10 14:23 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    @@ hen ci ji o~~
    heihei~~ duoduo xiuxi~
    祝福你 all the best & don't be late ^^

    SpiderBear 2009/06/10 14:27 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    夠力!! 下次不準你遲到!


    考试顺利 & 记得不要迟到!

    kawazoe.ivy™ (:* 2009/06/10 14:50 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    祝你考試順利, 也祝你不要遲到!!
    賜力量給你的alarm.... 希望你不會遲到,反而很早到!! (btw,你有set alarm boh? 最好set一set啦!! 拜托~~~)

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    嗨!看见你在将鱼宰那儿说你的state有千多宗swine flu,就来看看你是不是说victoria,果然是在墨尔本念书!呵呵... 我在Geelong。很高兴看见你的部落格,考试加油啊!All the best!

    Shmily 2009/06/13 15:51 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    Let by gone been by gone.我也是过考试迟到,虽然不是迟到太多,可是却考错paper , *_* 够糊涂吧?

    杰克蚁 2009/06/15 03:54 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    superman!help me~

    小虫 2009/06/18 14:53 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    哦~~~你酱的经历真的是一个教训哦!我也有试过~以为没塞车,结果塞了半个小时,迟到进考场 XD


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    [保密回覆] 安儿大姐
    你的msn add是…………?= =

    是不是用photoshop cs3?

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    祝福你考試順利啊~~ :)

    安儿 2009/06/21 18:25 댓글주소 编辑/删除 回复

    谢谢大家的留言~ ^^
    25号会到大家的部落格潜水, 要等我哦~~~ :D


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