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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pakenham & Cranbourne

During my birthday, I visited Pakenham and Cranbourne.

Yup! If you look at the map, it's far away from where I stay (which is Melbourne).
The distance from Melbourne to Pakenham is 56km while Cranbourne is 47km.
I'm going there by myself, of course! ;) Due to the fact that the ticket price (which is AUS 6.80, I got the monthly ticket so it's not a problem for me) is very expensive and I doubt that some one would willing to sacrified AUS 6.80 that could afford to buy themselves a lunch/dinner from McD.
So what the heck am I going there so far away??

First, I don't care why I go there because I always wanted to go there and I-don't-know-why. Ever since I got back from Uni (I took Pakenham-Cranbourne train go back), I always feel curious of what's on Cranbourne and Pakenham. Since it's my birthday so why not do something that make myself feel happier? (since Chelsea just beat Liverpool in the Champions League, which is very hurt to accept that fact.)

Secondly, I always feel too-cool-to-be-true to travel down so far away from where I stay, where you're out from the pressure, where you just want to be alone... isn't that nice?
wohoo! XD

So basically, the above pictures taken at Cranbourne.
When the minute I came down from the train, the first thing in my mind appears like this:
I used to go Frankston before this (to attend my Ecology research), all I thought that Cranbourne would be like a small town where there are small shops overthere and all I get is I can't see any shops excepts cars and big roads.

Pictures taken from the train.

So while waiting for the train to take me to Pakenham, I was stuck at Dandenong.
Quite a busy town with busy people walking around,
and of course, they have a busy transport line as well! ;)

Buy for myself M&N, cost AUS 2.50. Expensive-nya...
taste sweet, more quality than the Malaysia's M&N (duh)

My Pakenham train is coming!!

So far, I found out there are 3 different look of trains: can open the window type, dirty type and clean type.
Obviously, I would like to have the clean train! Unfortunately, I get the dirty train during my travel.
And I was wondering why I kept getting dirty train these few days, haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Pakenham is full of cows!

I realize that there is long distance the train need to travel from Dandenong station to Cranbourne/Pakenham station.
At this moment, if you are on the train, basically you can feel how fast the train travel!
It's just like seating on the rocket! I was a bit worry that they might out of control and sent the trains out to nowhere....

Too much thinking already!

And now, I've arrived at Pakenham:


This is Cheap! *eyes shine*
(I mean, for Australia of course)


Well, looks like Pakenham has a small towns!
and many cows too! XD
Even though it's not as busy as Frankston, to be honest, I felt in love with Pakenham already!
Quite place that nears to nature, I'm a big fan of nature, after all.
If I ever get to stay at Australia, I might consider staying at Pakenham! :D

From what I've observed, Frankston is much more busier than these two.
Now I understand why Pakenham-Cranbourne train always being delayed! Hmmmmmm.......
(and Now you understand how frustrated I chase a train at Melbourne huh? XD)

Maybe there is but I didn't get the chance to visit.


  1. wow wow wow i love the fact that you could just board a train down to these two towns alone, in one day, and just spend some quality time with yourself. so uber cool! :D

    but you can only do this in australia!! in malaysia, a girl travelling alone is target for many many things >-<

  2. Nah it was actually nothing. I didn't really travel that much but hopefully I still got the chance to do so, and since Australia is much safer compare to Malaysia! X)
    Thanks for the wishes~ ^^


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