Earth Hour day at Melbourne - You'll Never Wander Alone


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Earth Hour day at Melbourne

It's my first time witnessing the Earth Hour day at Melbourne (on 4th March 2009).

This is how Earth Hour day at Melbourne looks like:

Before earth hour day launched


But why are still many lights?
Ok lah they still made effort to participate what? 

Inside Starbucks People is doing business, yet they still concern about environmental issue. :D

Earth hour day at Melbourne is pretty happening! Though it still have lights everywhere.

Flinders Street Railway Station


At Federation Square, watching the performance.


Apparently the electric was generated by this.

This is so cool!! First time seeing this!! XDD
However, it's a good chance walking and wondering around with sister in this dark, cooling environment! =)
(Actually it wasn't that dark la.)

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