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Saturday, 24 July 2021

Why I decided to further study?

Took me a while to come out this post but here is it. Glad that I able to made it before I start busy again (new semester starts next week. Boohoo!), even though it's just a written post with some comics in between. 

Not sure if there's anyone out there still watching this space but if you notice, I've not being actively blogging & social media for years with minimal updates. Even with some updates, it's all about random bits & pieces of my life and PokemonGO journey. Even my journaling that I once splurge on has been put on hold. There goes my money.  

The truth is I'm not running away from anything, but it's due to a major decision I've made 2 years ago:

I've decided to further study. 

Ok maybe it's not some kind of major milestone like getting married, bought new house or migrate to new country. However, the decision doesn't come overnight that I decided to do so. It took me 2 years with additional 1 year of doing nothing to come onto this decision. And, I plan to achieve it on part-time basis.

In the other words, I'm actually now working full-time, studying part-time.

Many questioned my decision after hearing it: Why do you want to further study? Will it help on your career? At this age you still got motivate to study meh? You know sometimes having qualification doesn't guarantee you a dream job right? To be honest, at initial stage I'm skeptical on my decision, except I know I can have best of both world: earning my money while enjoying those student perks (sounds like living in the fantasy world but the truth is it's not lol). While further study is one of the right choice for certain industry, it's not entirely true in IT industry, where the technology changed rapidly and most of the time what you studied may not be applicable for the next couple of years. 

However, there are few reasons why I came to this decision:

#1 The world still look at your qualification

I do agree what my friend say, that sometimes having qualification doesn't guarantee you a job. I'm a fine example: no IT background, but working at IT department. Furthermore, I've peers who doing well in their workplace without holding a top-notch qualification. It does comes down on how you performed on job, build up networking and perhaps with a bit of luck in life. 

But to get interviewer convinced that you are the right person for this job, especially the dream job, is not something that can be done easily even with the work experiences you have. 

Although a person with fantastic academic records may not necessarily a top performer in the work place, the truth is most of the interviewers that I encountered will look at your academic qualification. Sad to say but #truestory. I've hit alot of walls before I met this kind boss whom interested on my working experiences rather than looking at the qualification I had. I'm blessed that he given me the chance to be able to work in IT department, despite many questions raised from other departments. 

#2 Feelings of Inferiority 

Nicholas Tze, the famous HK actor, once shared his story to University students many years ago, that he regretted quitting school at early age because feelings of inferiority when attempt to make a deal with his business partner. They didn't trust him due to lack of college degree, and It took him lots of effort to convince his business partner, and perhaps with the help of his father's connection (his father also an actor). Even though he's now a successful entrepreneur, he truly believes all these things will be different if he's an University graduate.  

I may not fully understand his feeling back then. But now I do. 

While having chat with my friends, I do find myself not being able to convince my peers on my IT knowledge that I learned from work. The feelings of inferiority is there. Perhaps I'm not detail enough to understand technologies better, however, I do constantly think if things might be different if I do hold an IT background. 

Same goes to workplace, it's tough to convince your team to adopt your idea if you don't have an IT background. Sure, google is free where you can access to knowledge at anytime. However, if one is not convincing, you can't expect people to follow your idea. 

#3 It's time to do something for myself

2018 is the year where I basically did nothing (at least I manage to travel to Europe?). While most of my peers busy building up their career, getting married, buying house(s), learn investment and/or starting their own family, myself being daydreaming. 

Everyone has different pace and I admit myself being relatively slow to realize what I want in my life. There is no point to compare but most importantly, you know what you want. By the end of 2018 it comes to the point that I hated to live a life like this and it's time I should do something that at least benefits me in a long run, which at that point of time, the first came into my mind was to continue to study. 

This also leads to the point whether I should study full-time or part-time basis. Not trying to boast here but I foreseen being financially stable to support myself for at least 2 years of studying full-time, with perhaps having part-time jobs in between to earn some additional incomes. However, after evaluated many consideration I decided to study part-time and retain my full-time job. I thought I don't want to let go those valuable working experiences and at the same time, I wanted to experience what it feels like having the best of both world. 

Till today I'm forever grateful for this decision I made, since who would have thought that the corona decided to say hi to everyone in this world later on.

Although I do miss my student life, this has been long gone. At the end of the day, if living at best of both world doesn't work for me, I can have a choice to decide which side to give up. 

#4 I still had that dream!

Even after so many years I'm still clings to that dream, and hopefully having this qualification can fulfill my dream. Nuff said.

It has been exactly 2.5 years since I started this part-time study journey with 1.5 years to go (part-time duration was 4 years btw). By God's grace, it has been relatively smooth journey despite the corona did mess up a little in between. While it seems like I'm having the best of both world, the truth is the struggle is real. I constantly question myself if all these are worth it but at the same time, I'm actually disbelieved that I made this far. Working and studying opens the door for me to see what I've not been noticed before this. There are many things I've learned not just from career but personal growth point of view. 

Looking back, I'm glad that I didn't choose to give up despite I nearly wanted to. 

Perhaps I can talk more about this journey in my next post, else you probably got confused over the main object of this post since it suppose to talk about reason why I continue to study. Till next time! 

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