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Monday, 25 May 2015

10 years!

Exactly this date 10 years ago, Liverpool FC won UEFA Champions League for the fifth time, with a dramatic win over AC Milan, becoming one of the greatest final in the Football History.

If you were to ask me: Why Liverpool? I would probably point this picture to you.

You must be challenging me, that I was craving for their success back then. (Yes, Liverpool was sort of unstoppable back then. And what's MU doing? LOL) After all, who doesn't want to support a football club which brings so much glory to the fans? It makes us feel good to be part of their success, right?

But with Liverpool, it's different case.

I don't cling to any idol for long. With my 3 minutes passion, often times I would ended up crazy over them and later life just move on. To me, getting over them is like wasting my time and money. I'm not rich so I probably care my stomach more than anything else.

When my sister introduce Liverpool to me, I thought she was crazy. It's just a football club that chase after a ball every-single-day anyway. What is so awesome about supporting them? Ok maybe I just support them for the sake of my dear sister la but after that you will see me just go back to my comics.

Things started to change when my sis constantly update with me about Liverpool at Champions League 2005.

Back then I was at my low point. I'm not into Christianity, nor doesn't know there's a loving God exist. I don't have confident and feel hopeless living every day. Living with such intense-stress environment, I questioned myself what is my worth? What can I do for my life? I don't think I'm lucky enough to achieve my dreams, might as well just live as it is.

And here, the Champions League Final 2005 changes my view forever.

Going 3 nil down at half-time, Liverpool recovered back at second-half with a dramatic way and subsequently hang in there till the Penalty shoot-out. From there, they won the penalty spot and bring back the trophy they've waited for 20 years.

This is something I never saw in any other football club. Persevere and never said die til the final whistle. And what's more? They did it for the fans! A football club that played for the fans, hmm that's something special. XD

And so, the rest is history.

Whenever I see them played, I always feel that I could learn something from them. I love how they persevere, their never said die attitude. And most importantly, the FANS! Where on this earth you can have such fans who willing to go through with you ups and downs, and still singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" despite going 3 nil down at the final?

Many things has changed since then. I started to view football as life-lesson, change my internet name to ANFIELDYEE (in case you are wondering what's ANFIELD means, it's Liverpool's football field ;)), started to like red, learn more about football, chasing after their game every-single-time like a mad woman and many more! I know, football is a guys thing. I myself would often question about this, but I guess that makes me more special being a football-craze girl! :)

10 years has gone by so quickly everything has change. The current Liverpool is no longer the Liverpool that I used to support IMO, and I miss the old Liverpool so badly! If I could turn back the time, I don't mind to whine back to 10 years ago, where a silly teenage girl supporting her favourite football club over there.

Liverpool had taught me SO MUCH, before I met Jesus. Whenever I get to watch them play, I will always remind how they give me a shed of light back then, yes the Never Said Die attitude! And the silliness I've done to support them. Those were the good days!

I don't know why you support your favourite football team. But this is my reason why =)

PS: This post was written wayyyy after 25th May but I would love to set it to this date. ^^

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