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Saturday, 23 January 2021

2020 Recap

This artwork was created upon request from my local church. 
Thanks for entrusting my skills =)

What a year 2020 has been! A year where I thought it'll be full of hopes (and maybe flying cars), turns out to be an extra-ordinary year which turning our lives upside down. 

As I look back, it's definitely an unusual year that I hope I will only get to experience just once and it will end somewhere at year 2021. Which is why despite the strong procrastination, die2 also I decided to work on this post. My recap may not be dramatical compare to those whom are facing and fighting the virus upfront. Nevertheless, it's a new norm that worth to reflect on how I actually survive through a year of turmoil. 


1) Political Turmoil in Malaysia

I won't go much detail (also not sure how to draw about it), but basically we experienced 1 week of government-less and changes of new prime minister and cabinets. As this has never happened before in Malaysia, I witnessed the swift changes, the panic and the uncertainty atmosphere circulating around. Even my oversea colleagues rolled their eyes when we broke the news to them. 

On the bright side, it improves my general knowledge on Malaysia's Politics, the part which I never want to get myself involved with, if possible, during my high school's history.

2) Experience Pandemic

Who would have thought that, the virus we first known its existence in December 2019 from Wuhan, China, would put the world down to their knees in 2020. Businesses are impacted, jobs were lost, some families have hard time putting food on the table, health-cares are in the brink of collapse, significant increase in mental issues and divorce case, household domestic abuse, these are the scenes you don't get to see, not even during the two previous Financial Crisis. 

I certainly wouldn't imagine myself that I won't be able to get to visit malls for shopping, cafes for fellowshipping, places for get-a-way and campus for classes as pleased for the next 12 months. Although now the rules are slight relaxed due to economy reason but I'm still not allowed to be back to campus, which I deeply missed.

3) Lockdown experience

Many countries impose lockdown method to curb the spread of Covid, so does our government. When the first MCO (lockdown) was announced, this is where I witnessed the panic-buying. I recall those days before  MCO  began, foods on the shelves that we normally seen in the grocery store went out quickly. Everyone queue up buying essential stuff as if the world war III is coming. For the first time in my life, I cannot find a loaf of bread from my local grocery store. 

Besides that, I also notice how MCO impacted on economy. Some experienced laid-off, especially those from airline, travel and hospitality industry, some having hard time to look for job. There were more road-side selling which I never seen before. My friend mentioned such scene can only be witnessed in Thailand but now it's happening in Malaysia, which is alarming. 

Life in lockdown is a new experience for me and my family. While different countries have their own set of lockdown rules, our first MCO is all non-essential businesses has to put on halt and no one is allowed to go out from the house unless for essential activities, not even for outdoor sports. So basically we are like a prisoners being confined inside our house. The lockdown life makes me realize those simple tasks that once can be done easily or taking for granted seems so impossible to fulfill. 

4) My Japan trip got cancelled

My sisters and I have actually planned this trip for quite sometimes prior to Tokyo 2020 Olympic. It will be our first ever Olympic experience and furthermore, it's held in Japan! I still remember vividly, the preparation that Japan has made for Olympic from my last visit to Tokyo at 2019. Everyone was excited over this once-in-four-years event. 

But it has never-ever cross to my mind, or perhaps everyone's mind, that this is not gonna happen in 2020. This is so sad. 

5) Remote Working

As my company does not have work from home policy, the lockdown life allows me to remote working. Never would I imagine this will come and I certainly do see the benefits of working from home. Working remotely cuts down the rushing morning hours that I've endured for the rest of my working lives, and I certainly see this as blessing in disguise as working adult. Besides, it allows me to plan my schedule easily to juggle between work and study. I never felt this productive despite having a bad impression about working remotely when I first heard I needed to. 

There are certain professionals do not have the privilege to work from home, and I certainly will treasure this moment as long as it lasted. 

The only downside is that some companies may treat that you are available 24/7. Well, I guess we all need to learn how to say no in some ways. 

6) Online Classes and Exam

Perhaps I'm the only few beings in my batch that got to experience being a student during Pandemic. The once face-to-face class has somehow become impossible to achieve (well, my course doesn't have physical lab activities so all shall be online mode). 

This is not what I would expect and I miss going back to campus deeply. If only I can take back all the complains I made during pre-Covid: beating the traffic, finding parkings, gobbling up dinner, rushing to the class, in exchange with this virus. 

7) Face mask become an essential item

So now I've a new addition in my bag: face mask

I'm sure you wouldn't want to pay that hefty fine imposed by Malaysian Government. 

8) Liverpool finally won Premier League after 30 years!

Perhaps one of the few good news in 2020 lol! 

Actually this almost never come true. Some time around April 2020, the UK side was hit hard with Covid-19 causing the Premier League games to suspend until further notice. The BODs were on the brinks to declare this season as null and void. Nevertheless, somehow that didn't happened and each team allowed to play at closed door. Liverpool secured the PL trophy with 7 games left. 

Thank God with the latest technology, I get to witness the trophy-lifting in LIVE wohoo! I've been waiting for this moment for so long and now, the wishes come true. Dear God, you just restore my faith that dreams will come true :)

Now my dream is to see them lifting up trophy in front of my eyes. My sister and I did spoke about this matter but it was put on hold due to Covid. Dear virus, please be a dear and faster go away okay? 

9) Revamp my room

After so many years of procrastinating, I decided to clean up my room lol.

Since I will be at home most of the time, I figure it's time that I should give my room a lively, breathable look. Or maybe it's for me to be more productive. The inspiration came after watching series of Marie Kondo lol. Marie claims that you will felt in love with your house after major clean up so I thought why not give it a try? 

Turns out Marie was right, I'm now happy by just seating on my desk doing nothing for the rest of the day (now is my movie paradise lolol). I'm actually quite surprised on how things has changed, that I will one day enjoy hanging around my desk, since I hated my desk due to the messiness and items I've accumulated over the years. It's no wonder why IKEA's minimalistic concept is such a popular cult lol. 

Perhaps the only reason to thanks Covid, that I've more than a reason to go back to my room. :)

10) I'm still playing Pokemon GO!

The game itself suppose to encourage you to go out, but we are talking about Covid-19. You probably thinking Pokemon GO is not going to sustain through this pandemic?

Turns out the game has improved along the way. We now have Remote Pass, Remote Team Rocket, Daily Quest... stuff that you once need to be outside to do has upgraded to remote basis. For the first time in my PoGO life, I never felt enjoyable to remote raid, and incense is my life savior lol.

Although there are some features I miss the most, such as raid hour, exraid and pokemon GoFest. Oh well, guess I've to wait until the virus decided to leave this world. 


That's all for my top 10 2020 recap. While Covid-19 has altered our plans, somehow it creates some unforeseen opportunities, it's up to us how we response. 

I guess I can share about things I learn through Pandemic in my future post. Till then! 

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