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Sunday, 20 December 2020

Exam during Covid-19 era

Never thought that I would experience on sitting e-Exam during this unique situation. 

Although e-Exam is not a stranger to me, in the past I would have to travel to the venue and use their facilities to take the exam under supervision. 

But this time, due to covid-19 pandemic, students are allowed to use their own laptop with internet connection to carry out their exams. Depending on the subject, it can be open or closed book. Closed book requires student to turn on webcam, snap-shots of your (supposedly-clean) room and share their laptop screen to the exam supervisor. As for open book, you know what I mean (smirk).

Although we all wishes that this pandemic can end soon and such kind of luxurious e-Exam may not happened again, deep down inside my heart I wish such kind of e-Exam format will continue. With some good reasons: I don't have to stress on travelling to the venue (traffic jam anyone? Needing to wake up super early?), finding parking if you travel by car, finding exam venue especially if you aren't familiar with your campus and much more. Even it cuts my travel time needed to go to the toilet for quick business before and during exams (no need ask permission and wait for supervisor to escort you to the toilet *bliss*).

On the contrary, having e-Exam in your comfort room climates all these. Except maybe you don't have strong internet connection and that definitely will drives you nuts. However, so far I've no issue with poor internet connection after 2 semesters of sitting e-Exams in my room. 

Less stuff needed to take care for especially when you are under stress, how about that?

Of course, one can argue that not all students have the privilege like me: having strong internet and better laptop, especially those that still in government schools. But I guess we should realize that these are the possible things that can screw your exam day even though you are fully prepared.

Overall, as working adult who part-time study, I support e-Exams! (hiding at the corner)

Anyway, I just got my second semester's exam result and I'm glad it turns out well. Not bad for sitting exams during Covid-19 era eh? (Self-laugh)

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