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Thursday, 31 December 2020

How I spent my Christmas during Covid-19 era

Thought of wanting to dedicate a post about how I spent my Christmas during Covid-19 era. Usually December is a busy month for me on Christmas activities, church involvement and sales but this year all has been scaled down due to Covid-19 pandemic. Unless you are skillful in online matters and youtubes/videos, there's nothing much you need to do for Christmas lol. 

Although the government has allowed Christmas gathering not limited to 20 pax per gathering, many have decided to call-off the Christmas gatherings except limit to their own family or relatives. If your family doesn't celebrate Christmas (like yours truly here), well you can be sure that this year's Christmas is just another holiday to rest at home. 

The only difference for this year's Christmas is after for so many years of working, I finally manage to apply for off day during Christmas eve! Although the pandemic has messed up our plans, I must say it also given me blessing in disguise: by having many untaken annual leaves. As it's a last-minute decision, I decided to just laze around at home. 

Christmas Eve in 2020

Coincidentally my friend did the same and asked if I wanna climb Bukit Kiara with her later evening. I agreed right away since I've nothing else to do. 

Image from JustRunLah!

After hiking, my friend suggested to have dinner at Tansen Izakaya, Damansara Jaya. It was full pax by the time we got there, and we nearly ditched it for another restaurant. Somehow the Santa decided to grant me wish of settling my cravings on Japanese food so we manage to dine into Tansen Izakaya.


These are the foods we cincai ordered that night and I must say, it's worth 30 minutes of waiting! Hopefully I get the chance to try there again. 

And that's how I spent my Christmas Eve! Would have been great if I can get to listen to Carols lol. 

Christmas in 2020

Since my family decided to stay at home, this year's Christmas will be full of self-entertainment (aka syok-sendiri). To be frank, kinda enjoy this relax life: no visitors, no crowds, it's just me. 

Maybe I should just do like this for all festival lol. 

Having Christmas Cake during Christmas is such a blessing!
(It doesn't matter how it looks or taste, as long as it's Christmas Cake.)

Since my family doesn't celebrate Christmas, here is my self-made Christmas corner in my room. 
I'm glad that the LED light that surrounded my mini Christmas tree I got from Daiso turns out well! 

Watching Home Alone 2 again. Love to watch this movie during Christmas, just because it has Christmas vibes in there. 

After movie, I jump into this Archie Comics, just because this series is about Christmas lol.

Continue my exercise routine at my nearby park before meeting a friend later.

So well, I went out at the end. It was a last minute arrangement. 
So glad manage to have this Peppermint Mocha Frapp from Starbucks, as it was sold-out earlier on. Santa must have heard my little wish again. 

Went back home straight and continue playing PoGO lol.

The highlight was received this gift from Crazygirl all the way from Australia. 
Can't believe how coincident and happy I was the moment I received this gift after her mom texted me to collect it from her house. 
My only Christmas gift I ever received this year. Girl, you just made my Christmas! 

My Christmas corner at night. I let the lights on till next day morning.

Few days later I received late Christmas gifts from my churchmates. 
How thoughtful of them! Seeing myself not preparing any Christmas gifts for anyone lol. 

And that's how I spent my Christmas. It maybe not fancy, no Christmas tree, but it's relaxing Christmas. I think once in a while it's ok to indulge yourselves by doing nothing on special occasion, and I guess Covid-19 just made all these possible. 

How about you guys? How's your Christmas during Covid-era? 

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