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Friday, 31 July 2020


It's amazing how technology has transformed our lives. 

Last time when comes to situation that I only have large note in my wallet, I do feel embarrass to pay over a small bill (the stern-looking face of the cashier). As person whom worked as Cashier before, I understand the pain of giving out many chance to the customer whenever I receive large note for small bill. 

Now I just need eWallet to solve this kind of embarrassment which I think it has carried out for many years down the road. All I need to do is have enough balance in my eWallet (and also phone battery).

Too bad such convenience is not widely used if you are on travel to other country. Imagine it's implemented in such way that I can use my eWallet at anywhere, to pay a bill which has different currency, I'm sure it do solve many travel issues like money lost, robbed etc. Perhaps no hefty bank charge fee upon ATM my cash out while I'm at oversea? (wishful thinking)

What about you? How does eWallet changes your life? 

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