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Saturday, 11 May 2019

【HEALTH】Mintox Detox,Your choice of gastrointestinal health

While we are living in this world surrounded by pollution and unhealthy foods of choice, it's not surprise that our body has been compromised with toxic accumulations and fat deposition, especially on our digestive system. Unhealthy digestive system not only affects quality of life, but also causes diseases that are detrimental to health.

To be frank, I'm also one of this group, and I thought my lack of exercise and unhealthy diet could contribute to this problem. To solve my digestive problem, it requires time, effort and disciplinary to align back, which I foreseen it would be a long journey ahead.

When I was first introduced to Mintox, I thought perhaps this could solve my digestive issue in more effective, and safety manner. Made from natural ingredients, Mintox is a dietary supplement in powder form, aiming to regulate a healthy digestive system. It's suitable for people of all ages who are concern about their digestive health.

"Its 100% natural ingredients are mild and do not irritate the intestines; soften stools, gently remove harmful substances in the intestines, effectively promote intestinal peristalsis, and regulate bowel movement."  -- source: http://www.mintox.kiwi

The natural ingredients word tells me that I should give it a try!!

Mintox package looks like this. That bottle is mine btw.

Four simple steps to prepare your Mintox!

My thoughts on consuming on the first time (aka first day)?

I purge a lot. Went to the toilet for first few hours (thank God there wasn't any important meeting). This is due to the intention of flushing out those unwanted stuff accumulated inside your body.

After that, I was being told that I'll experience lose weight, get clearer skin, stabilize blood pressure and improve health, especially on my digestive system in the next 12 weeks. Let's see how the result turn out to be. Stay tuned for the future post on this!

For more information on Mintox, feel free to check on their website:

Website: http://www.mintox.kiwi/en/mintox.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/mintoxmalaysia/

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