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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Fernleaf, made with 100% milk from New Zealand

Suddenly I was being took back to my childhood day when I first heard about Fernleaf after many years of ditching milk. Not only this was my favourite drink that being accompanied me throughout my childhood, I feel it never fails to provide me the freshness flavour I sought after while I try on different milk products.

This round after so many years, thanks to Fernleaf I've the privilege to rekindle with their products, but of course, in a fun way!

Such cute cooling bag the Fernleaf team provided!

comes with Milk, props and funky looking glass straw to play around XD

So, why Fernleaf?

Conclusively, from producing milk to end product, rest assure the milk you consumed by Fernleaf is safe, fresh and high in quality with full of nutrients: high quality protein, vitamin A and D that is needed especially for kids. Which is why it's the safe option for my parents to opts over back then.

Ended this post with a small video I made:

This is my experience with Fernleaf. What about yours?

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