FIFA World Cup 2018 Final - You'll Never Wander Alone



Monday, 16 July 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Final

Too bad that kind of trial doesn't work in Finals lol. Couldn't expect a miracle because usually players tend to play seriously on such major occasion.

And that's how, ladies and gentlemen, the summary of my journey with FIFA World Cup 2018 Finals!

Ever since the Germany being knocked out earlier on, I didn't really chase after this year's world cup. Probably all the strong one being eliminated, one by one, left those behind that doesn't interest me lol. No offence here but honestly there weren't any factor that wows me.

Which is why there were lack of updates on football from me this time lolol (apart from busy playing PoGO XD).

Still, I enjoy the watching world cup together atmosphere. I just simply love the crowd screaming everywhere when goal conceded / nearly conceded (I think people just scream it for fun). This kind of noise pollution I wouldn't complain to the police and I proly takes a while to get over it after the World Cup final *SOBZ*

Speaking of the Finals, big Congratulation for the newly-crown World Cup winner:

Viva Le France!! Imma gonna visit you this coming September! *hint hint*

I'm actually very amazed on Croatia's performance tonight. Despite being the massive underdogs, their never-said-die attitude doesn't give France players a rest for any seconds. I'm sure the Crotians probably knew getting into World Cup Final aint come easily, and if they give it a try this round, when they will get another chance?

It's something we can learn and adopt in life -- where God had given you the chance, why give up? (Reminds me not to give up life that easily and continue to fight for what I believe / dream of lol)


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