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Friday, 25 May 2018


That's the reason how slow I'm updating my Facebook Page, and also my dear blog.

Just when I though I've the FIREEEE to complete those pending task: my comic, my MTN, some pending post that I'd in my mind. At the end I lose to being too sleepy.

I know this is not an excuse... but sleep is very important for working adult like me XD

While I'm trying hard to stay motivate on updating my FB/IG, the truth is I'm actually running out of idea on what to draw. Initially this blog was to focus on all the silly things I did in life, but it got sway away as time goes by, just because generally people are not interested on reading your life? Especially you are living a boring lifestyle and the only thing that gets me talking is about Pokemon?

I'm aware that increasing your blog readership is not the priority, most importantly is am I happy with the current way. But with the amount of effort you've being poured into blog & social media, wouldn't be a sad case to see no one is appreciating your effort?

Some peers advice me to capture what my readers really want to see. Sadly until now I'm still not so sure lol. If you are still reading my blog, and happens to read this post, do tell me what do you like to see? I will be gladly to draw more for you. #ITSAPROMISE


  1. i think at least an update per week? for us to not forget you, hahaha

    1. good idea XD Being abandon this blog for quite some time already


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