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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Let's Try Again...

You guys worked very hard to give us a fantastic Champions League season, you've given us the best after so many years,

Yet KYIV is not meant for us..

Don't feel bad, feel proud of yourself that you're in Finals. Let's try again, come back stronger next year!

To whoever says we need to sign a new goalkeeper: 

All I can said this is football, win or lose is part of the game. Sure the 2 goals was not a mistake that should be made, but that doesn't justify he is a horrible goalkeeper and erased all the hardwork he had poured out onto the club. Ultimately, he's still part of the team to help Liverpool entered to Finals of UEFA Champions League.

Football is like this, sometimes it doesn't goes as plan. Just like life, there will be ups and downs. Suffer produce perserverance, perseverance, character; and character, hope.

Sure we are frustrated with the result. I was SOOOO looking forward for a great end-season but ended up another dull one with no trophys boohoo T_T. Disappoint, but I'm equally proud of mah bois being able to reach to the UCL Finals this season, signifying they have given all the best they could despite circumstances.

Maybe I'm not so lucky to witness another miracles in life gua, sigh. 

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