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Sunday, 6 May 2018

【BEAUTY】 AHA GinnSkin Face Detox Slim Workshop

Hello! Today's post is going to talk about beauty workshop event I got invited from my fellow blogger - Joanne Wee. The product was highly recommended by her before this and that's how much I feel curious about to find out what can I get from here.

The speaker was by Ginne Lam, and not only it was just introducing Ginn Products, but also on how to take care on your skin and maintain your outer beauty. I learned alot.

Ginnie Lam, founder of  Ginn International

She shared about her little background and story of Ginn International during the workshop. Being suffered from skin problem since age of 19, she work hard to find the solution by attended courses on Skin-care & Beauty, Nutrition, Chinese medicine and natural ingredients that will enhance the skincondition.

Additionally, Ginnie has the heart to reach out those that suffer the similar condition as her, or rather, have trouble with other kinds of serious skin issue. She work hard to perfected the art of selecting skin-care ingredients of the highest quality, combined with the knowledge of Nutrition based on traditional Chinese herbal medicine, developed products for people with all types of skin conditions, resulting a healthy and glowing skin achieved in a cost effective and safe manner.

Ginnie believes that skin, the body’s largest organ, is to be well looked after similar to that of the physical body. There needs to be an efficient secretion of wastes, adequate nutrition, good water absorption, clean living environment, smooth breathing and maintaining a normal metabolism rate.

Alongside introducing her proud product, she demonstrates to us how to use them to detox and repair our skin and let us have a hands on with these products.

Cleanse up Series

#1 Natural Pro Cleansing Milk(100ml)

It brings together a variety of natural nourishing essence that moisturize dry skin and relieve skin fatigue. Its unique formula removes makeup with ease and energizes skin to reveal a youthful radiant nature.

#2 Pure Amino Acid Face Wash (100ml)

The unique amino acid-based cleansing essence nourishes and hydrates your skin. It forms a rich, creamy lather to gently purify and energize kin for a bright, healthy-looking complexion.

#3 Herbal magic gel mask (200ml)

My favourite among all!

Proprietary formula of all Chinese herbal anti-stressed elements, including deep whitening water. Treatment of purifying sebum, folliculitis, even prevent the allergic itch. More effective repair without ingredients that are of dependent dermatitis; In the sun after the skin uncomfortable. Use daily or at least twice a week of magic gel mask to keep skin white, hydrated and anti-allergic, promote facial blood circulation, activation of aging epidermal cells to help epidermal keratin metabolism, eliminate wrinkles, dilute the pigment, enhancing Skin beauty.

Hydra gel texture, effect of moisturizing tenderness, effectively penetrate the skin, refreshing & non-sticky, giving the skin light and rich comfort. Contains witch hazel, purslane and other plant repair moisturizing essence with complex moisturizing repair ingredients. Moisturizing dry skin, conditioning water and oil balance so that the skin is soft and tender.

Gennie explain the use of her proud product: Herbal magic gel mask, one of Ginn's famous product that made based on traditional recipe. 

Balance Up Series
#4 Treatment Essence Water (120ml)

The stream of hydro-rich essence deeply penetrates the skin and nourishes the underlying tissue. Its natural plant-based compound forms a shield of protective membrane over the skin that a youthful skin condition is regained.

#5 Polypeptide Eye Serum (30ml)

Firm and fine skin around your eyes. Polypeptide Eye Serum fights all signs of skin tiredness, smooths the wrinkles, visibly reduces dark circles, lifts the eyelids and reduces other aging symptoms. The entire eye area will appear more youthful and firm by the ingredients it contains.

#6 Hyaluronic Face Serum (60ml)

It contains a high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and botanical enzyme technology to energize skin for a hydrated, bright and healthy-looking complexion.

Seal Up Series

#7 Peptide Eye Cream (15ml)

It contains a variety of precious botanical extracts that moisturize dry skin and relieve skin fatigue. Its anti-winkle essence concentrates to restructure the skin to achieve firmness and smoothness.

#8 Peptide Face Cream (30ml)

The selection of a variety of precious botanical extracts and anti-wrinkle peptide essence prevent aging problems such as skin dryness, sagging skin, poor skin elasticity, wrinkles and enlarged pores.

#9 Sunscreen Lotion SPF50 (30ml)

The SPF50 lotion is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving a sensation of comfort and flawless skin quality. SPF50 Its function includes sun-blocking, skin tone regulating, pollution blocking, nourishing and moisture keeping. With the addition of truffles, it balances the skin condition for one full day.


As you can see it for yourself, its very obvious that the left side got treated. There is an uneven tone as the right side of Joanne's face is darker with eye bag.

Overall I learned alot not just knowing more about the product, but the beauty knowledge as well as how to take good care of our skin from Ginnie. On top of that, we brought back home a few samples to try on. Will share it in my future post once I've done the review.

You can learn more about Ginn International via

Web: http://www.ginninternational.com/home-en.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ginnskin/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Ginnie.lam/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ginniehk

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