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Thursday, 10 May 2018

10th May 2018 -- A Remarkable Day to remember

It's 11pm now and here I am in front of PC, updating this post despite yesterday's stayed up till wee hour. Until now it feels so surreal what had happened in front of my eyes, the change where I thought it seemly impossible, and in my mind I thought it looks likes another boring normal GE like the many experts had predicted out there.

But it happened -- Malaysia has changed the government. I simply cannot believe it!

Year by year we have been praying, that God will bless this land. Though it seems there's not possible, we still persevere, that one day, God really will bless this land. But I didn't think it would happened this fast, I think none of us would have expected that, and now it happens! If I were the politicians, I would be thrilled and panic at the same time thinking what to do next lol.

Nevertheless, I'm truly happy and joyful with this change, at least there's a chance that Malaysia can be saved! It's an important change that I'm honoured to be part of it: by performing my duty to vote and the witness. I would be damn proud to tell my grandchild (if I have la lol) in 50 years down the road, that I'm part of this history.

10th May 2018 -- A remarkable day to remember, for Malaysian, as Malaysian. 

Speaking of remarkable day, there's another milestone:

Officially graduated from PoGO! XD

What a journey it has been! From a noob player to now reaching level 40 at 10th May 2018, it has been a long journey I've been through. Though it's just a game, it has been bringing me to meet all kinds of people and many lesson I've learned. I wouldn't be able to reach the final level without my PoGO peers support.

Will talk more about this in my next post. Now I need more sleep after being the panda yesterday. Here's me signing off zzz. 

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